Export Bill for Collection

Export Bill for Collection

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Facilitating Smooth Documentary collections and payments for your exports

Just present your documents to us and ICICI Bank will send them to your buyer’s bank in a timely manner. Documents will be released to your buyer on payment or against acceptance.


ICICI Bank’s export Bill

  • Get increased control over export receivables
  • Make your international banking more uniform
  • Face fewer delays in receiving payment

How Export Bill Collection Works

  • Step 1 - The seller and the buyer enter into a contract and agree that payment will be made on basis of a documentary collection
  • Step 2 - The seller ships the goods and tenders the documents to ICICI Bank (remitting bank) together with a corresponding collection order
  • Step 3 - ICICI Bank sends the documents along with its collection instructions to the buyer’s bank (Collecting bank)
  • Step 4 - The Collecting bank notifies the buyer on the arrival of documents for payment/acceptance
  • Step 5 - The buyer pays the amount due or accepts the draft and in turn receives the documents
  • Step 6 - The Collecting bank remits the amount to ICICI Bank
  • Step 7 - ICICI Bank credits the amount to the seller’s account

The ICICI Bank edge

  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Convenience - Handover bills at any nearest ICICI Bank Branch.
  • Personalized service - Dedicated Relationship Manager offering doorstep services.

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