Retail Institutional Banking

ICICI Bank caters to the banking needs of Retail Institutions such as Trusts, NGOs, Clubs, Associations with our wide range of innovative, customized and convenient products.

Get Started with our Accounts

Manage all your daily banking needs with our range of Operative Accounts that are specially designed to suit your requirements


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Manage your day – to – day Banking

From collections, payments, investments and borrowings we provide comprehensive and convenient banking solutions

Streamline your Cashflows

Our tailor made solutions for managing your collections and payments will ensure that you have enough free time to focus on managing your organization


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Meet your Financing Needs

Grow your organization with financial support from us by choosing from a wide range of our Loan products


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Optimize your Investments

ICICI Bank offers you investment options such as deposit products, bonds and mutual funds that help you maximize your savings


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