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Schedule of Charges

Interest Rates, Charges, Fees and Commission

Nature of ChargesDetails

Processing Fees

Up to 2% (plus applicable taxes) of the facility amount

Interest Rate

For secured facilities: Up to I-MCLR-6M+4.75%
For facilities backed by CGTMSE: Up to I-MCLR-6M + 4.0%
For unsecured facilities (not under CGTMSE cover): Up to I-MCLR-6M + 8.50%

The interest rate for each loan is determined based on the assessment of business, financials, loan amount and tenure.

Stamp Duty and other statutory charges

As per applicable laws of the state

Commission on Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee

Up to 2.5% p.a. commission shall be charged on pro-rata basis based on the tenure and the amount of non-fund based facility being availed

Commitment fees

Average Utilization <50% - 0.50% p.a. on the difference between the actual utilization and average quarterly utilization of 50%. - Charges will be levied on a quarterly basis. Applicable only for CC/OD facility

Foreclosure Charges

Charged up to 4% of the total limits set up in the system, in case the facilities are taken over by another bank during the tenure of the loan. These charges are applicable only in case of Balance Transfer (BT)

Working capital facilities pre-paid/closed from own sources will not attract foreclosure charges