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Insta-Secured overdraft facility

Insta-Secured Overdraft Facility

Insta-Secured Overdraft Facility is an Online lending platform to cater your working capital requirements by providing secured overdraft facility.

Features and facilities:

  • Online processing
  • Instant sanction of overdraft facility
  • Pre-qualified offers
  • No financial documents required
  • Minimal documentation
  • Secured Overdraft up to Rs 10 million


What is the minimum and maximum offer amount under this facility?

The minimum offer amount under Insta-Secured Overdraft facility is Rs 1.5 million and the maximum offer amount is Rs 10 million.

What kind of companies would be eligible for the facility?

Working Capital Finance can be availed for sectors like manufacturing, service and trade and belonging to any of the following segments:

  • Sole Proprietorship Firm
  • Partnership firm
  • Private Limited Company

What is the interest rate for your overdraft facility?

The interest rate for Insta-Secured Overdraft Facility is as follows:

  • I-MCLR 6M + 2% (spread) for amount up to Rs 4 million
  • I-MCLR 6M + 1.75% (spread) for amount more than Rs 4 million

For latest I-MCLR, please refer to ICICI Bank website.

What are the acceptable collaterals for your overdraft facility?

We offer flexible collateral options and can accept residential and commercial property and liquid securities i.e. Fixed Deposit as collateral for availing overdraft facility.

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