Benefits AND Features

Collateral free Business loan

Paperless Processing and No Foreclosure charges

Instant Sanction and Disbursement

Interest to be paid only on the amount used

How to Apply

1 - Login on InstaOD Plus Platform using mobile number.

2 - Enter PAN if you are New to Bank

3 - Auto fetch documents to check eligibility

4 - Digital account opening for new customers + Video KYC assistance

5 - Accept Sanctions digitally

6 - Instant Disbursement post account opening

How to Apply

1. View InstaOD Plus offers on CIB/Instabiz

2. Click on "Apply Now" button

3. Accept Sanction digitally

4. Instant Disbursement

Alliance for iConnect Lending Service

Our Products

Here are some of the Unsecured Overdrafts offered by us

Saving Account Overdraft
SAOD is an online overdraft facility offered to existing ICICI Bank Savings Account customers.
Select OD
You can avail unsecured overdraft facility for your specific needs with minimal documentation and instant online payments
Mortgage OD
Avail overdraft facility for self-employed customer.
Merchant OD
Merchant OD is a tailor made overdraft that can be availed within minutes, without the hassle of paperwork.

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