Trade Roaming Current Account FAQs

What is QTP and how is it calculated?

QTP or Quarterly Throughput is the total volume of export and import transactions in US Dollars done by the customer in one quarter. Given below is an example of how QTP is calculated:


A sample of trade transactions for 3 different customers:


DateAnnual Export Volume (USD)Annual Import Volume (USD)Total Annual Throughput (USD)Quarterly Throughput QTP (USD)
Customer 1 - 4 Lacs 4 Lacs 1 Lacs
Customer 2 24 Lacs 4 Lacs 28 Lacs 7 Lacs
Customer 3 1 Lac - 1 Lac 25,000

What is the minimum MAB commitment required for Trade Roaming Current Account?

There is no MAB commitment for Trade Roaming Current Account.

What is the minimum QTP commitment required for Trade Roaming Current Account?

Trade Roaming Current Account offers 5 product variants and the minimum QTP commitment in all these products is as given below:


Product VariantMinimum QTP commitment (USD)
Premium- QTP USD 25K 25,000
Gold- QTP USD 75K 75,000
Platinum- QTP USD 300K 300,000
Elite- QTP USD 600K 600,000
Elite- QTP USD 1500K 1,500,000

What if I am not able to achieve the trade volume as per the QTP requirement in the product?

If the customer's total trade volume in a quarter is less than the requirement as per the product variant, the customer will be levied penalty charges.