iBizz FAQs

About i-Bizz

1. What is i-Bizz?


i-Bizz is ICICI Bank's mobile banking application for current account customers to access banking accounts and transact through mobile devices. All you need to have is Business Banking Debit/Inquiry Card or Corporate Internet Banking access. 

2. Are there any charges for using i-Bizz service?


No, ICICI Bank provides i-Bizz service at no cost.


3. Is i-Bizz secure?


To ensure security of account information and all transactions, a number of security features have been built into i-Bizz:

  • Secure Login- i-Bizz can be accessed by customers who are registered on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB or having Business Banking Debit or Inquiry Card.
  • Data Encryption- No sensitive information is stored on your mobile handset. Also, the data stored on the mobile is encrypted using strong encryption standards. This ensures that if the mobile device is lost or stolen, the data stored by the mobile application in local storage is unreadable.
  • Communication Encryption- The data exchanged between i-Bizz and server is encrypted to ensure data security and confidentiality.
  • Secure Fund Transfer- Fund transfer can only be done to previously added payees/billers on i-Bizz. Also for initiating the transaction, CIB transaction password or Grid Values is required to complete the transaction basis type of login, thus adding another layer of security. The functionality is also secured with an SMS or iSafe based OTP for every transaction. Limit given to the user on CIB will be applicable for i-Bizz transactions also.

4. What services are available through i-Bizz?


i-Bizz offers a wide variety of features to make banking convenient.

  1. View Account Details: You can view account balances and details of last 10 transactions of the following banking relationships with ICICI Bank on i-Bizz.
    • Operative Current Account
    • Deposit Accounts
    • Loan Accounts
  2. Transfer Funds to registered payees
    • Within your own ICICI Bank accounts
    • To other ICICI Bank accounts
    • To other Bank accounts using NEFT and RTGS
  3. Pay Bills
    • To your registered billers
  4. Trade Online Approvals
    • LC issuance, LC amendment, BG issuance, BG amendment, Remittances, Bills acceptance, Bills Payments
  5. Services
    • Raise requests for cheque book and stop cheque
    • Locate ICICI Bank branches and ATMs
    • Call your Relationship Manager or Customer Care directly through the app
    • Be updated with current affairs through the news bulletin facility

Get i-Bizz

1. Who can avail i-Bizz services?


All current account customers (Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnership Firms, Public Limited and Private Limited Companies etc) having Business Banking Debit/Inquiry Card or Corporate Internet Banking access.


2. How do I download i-Bizz application?


Customers using Android based OS devices need to download i-Bizz from "Play store". Customers using iPhone devices need to download i-Bizz from "App Store". Customers using Windows phone need to download iBizz from "Windows Store".


3. How do I activate i-Bizz application?


Using Corporate Internet Banking credentials (Corporate ID, User ID and CIB Password), you can directly login to i-Bizz. For M-PIN based login, you need to activate i-Bizz through the following steps:

  1. Enter 16-digit Business Banking Debit/Inquiry Card number
  2. Enter 12-digit One Time Activation Code sent on registered mobile number
  3. Enter grid values printed at back of Business Banking Card
  4. Set M-PIN for future log in purpose

4. Which Operating System(OS) does i-Bizz support?


iBizz is compatible with any handset on Android, iOS and Windows platform.

Use i-Bizz

1. Can I change my i-Bizz M-PIN? How? How can I change my i-Bizz M-PIN


Yes. Just follow the steps below to change the 4 digit M-PIN:

  1. Log in to i-Bizz.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Change M-PIN.
  4. Enter the old M-PIN followed by the new M-PIN, re-enter the new M-PIN and select 'OK'.
  5. A message is displayed when the PIN is changed successfully.

2. I have forgotten my password M-PIN to login to i-Bizz application. What should I do now?


i-Bizz is a safe and secure banking application that allows you to access your bank account details using your 4 digit M-PIN. On three successive incorrect PINs, i-Bizz application will lock itself. However, you can set a new M-PIN by following the complete 4-step activation process again:

  1. Enter 16-digit Business Banking Debit/Inquiry Card number
  2. Enter 12-digit One Time Activation Code sent on registered mobile number
  3. Enter grid values printed at back of Business Banking Card
  4. Set M-PIN for future log in purpose

3. What if I lose my mobile handset?


Please follow the below steps for blocking your i-Bizz application; this will by default block your Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) account also:

  1. Call our Customer Care.
  2. Provide details for verification of your identity.
  3. Request for blocking CIB account.

4. What if I receive a call or SMS while fetching details?


In the event of you receiving a call or SMS during any transaction, i-Bizz will continue working in the background not affected by your current activity.


5. Can I add payees / billers through i-Bizz for transferring funds / making payments through i-Bizz?


No, you can add payees/billers only through browser-based Corporate Internet Banking (CIB). All payees/billers registered on CIB will be available on i-Bizz. i-Bizz will automatically fetch all the newly added accounts/payees/billers. However if you are unable to see the list of newly added accounts/payees/billers, kindly refresh the application. To refresh i-Bizz, press Refresh icon on the bottom screen of i-Bizz.


6. What if I change my mobile handset?


For M-PIN based login, if you have changed your mobile handset, download i-Bizz on your new handset and activate the application by following the 4-step registration process. In the latter case, the previously installed i-Bizz on older handset will not work. If logging in using Corporate Internet Banking Credentials, you do not need to follow any step; just install i-Bizz on new mobile handset and login using your existing Corporate ID, User ID and password.


7. Is there any per day transaction limit for transferring funds through i-Bizz?


The limits are inclusive of internet banking limit to the maximum amount of Rs.5 lakh per transaction.