Smart Business Account

A Smart Account that adjusts to your business needs!


Smart Business Account (SBA) is a unique current account product from ICICI Bank that adjusts itself with your business cycle. The product gives you the desired flexibility by linking the free limits to the average balance you maintain in the account. So the higher the average balance you maintain the higher free limit you enjoy.


Features & Benefits of Smart Business Account

This unique current account product comes with host of benefits and monthly free limits on maintaining a minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of only Rs. 25,000.

  • Anywhere free cash deposit of upto 12 times the maintained MAB or Rs. 1.2 Cr, whichever is lower
  • Free non cash transactions of up to 50 times the maintained MAB
  • Upto 200 free transactions of any type
  • Upto 100 free cheque leaves
  • Unlimited free cheque payment and collections
  • Free internet banking and phone banking service

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