With ICICI Bank Super Merchant Current Account, we exclusively offer you an opportunity to digitally transform your business with minimal staff, least skills and 100% accurate and reliable solutions using GOFRUGAL ERP’s mobile apps.


Benefits of using GOFRUGAL ERP

Win competitions by building an addictive shopping experience

  Faster checkout, least order turnaround time   75+ offer types and loyalty management

Increase market reach and enable omni-channel presence

  Build an online store within a week   Manage orders from marketplaces

Know your exact cost and measure the accurate ROI

  100% control on margin   Purchase at the right price at the right time

Ease of cash flow management

  Credits and outstanding control   In-built accounting with GST e-filing



Exclusively for ICICI Bank Super Merchant Current Account customers.

Steps to avail the offer:

  1. Offer – Digitally transform your business using GOFRUGAL’s mobile apps worth up to Rs 54,000 for free
  2. Offer valid till Aug 31, 2021

To avail this offer, register here

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