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Eazypay Merchant Payment Services

ICICI Bank’s Eazypay Merchant Services is a comprehensive merchant solution, which caters to a range of seamless collection solutions, such as POS, UPI, QR, Sound box and various other value added services. These value added services aid in the digitisation of businesses, increase revenue and helps improve the overall customer experience. You can use ICICI Bank’s Eazypay solutions by linking any bank account, and start collections instantly, with POS/ UPI. Log in to the InstaBIZ app and register as a guest, to get started





Senior Citizen

Contactless Collections


Value Added Services

Platinum POS

Platinum POS
  1. 5-inch touch screen POS Terminal
  2. Value added services, such as Brand EMI, Credit Card EMI, Debit Card EMI, Loyalty programme, Billing software integration, Instant discounting etc.
  3. Best suited for high-ticket size business setup, white goods, mobile & electronic shops.
Platinum POS

Android POS

  1. Combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful POS Payment Terminal, featuring a sleek and compact design
  2. 5-inch touch screen POS Terminal
  3. High capacity battery
  4. Dual cameras that enable fast scans and modes like mobile & QR Code payments
  5. Best suited for medium & big sized businesses.

D200/Smart on the move POS

D200/Smart on the move POS
  1. Basic card swiping terminal
  2. Works on SIM as well as WiFi
  3. Provides an e-charge slip
  4. Portable machine
  5. Daily auto settlement
  6. Best suited for small sized businesses/home delivery.
D200/Smart on the move POS


Exclusive solution for Merchants


What is Eazypay Merchant services?

Eazypay Merchant services is a bouquet of merchant specific solutions, including digital collections, such as POS, UPI, InstaBIZ Merchant View as well as value added services, such as Eazy Online Store, Eazy Sound, Tap on Phone, Eazy Rewards programme etc.

Can I apply for a POS machines using any bank account other than ICICI Bank?


Can I use the InstaBIZ Merchant View, if I do not have an ICICI Bank Current Account?

Yes, you can login as a guest user & start using the InstaBIZ Merchant View.

How many Eazypay services can I use without having an ICICI Bank Current Account?

Merchants can avail of the below services:

  1. POS
  2. UPI QR
  3. All in One QR Code
  4. Payment Link
  5. InstaBIZ Merchant View
  6. Tap on Phone
  7. Eazy Sound
  8. Eazy Online Store
  9. Instant Card Settlement
  10. Eazy Rewards Programme.

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