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ICICI Bank Eazy Online Store

Eazy Online Store solution gives merchants an opportunity to gain an advantage over their competitors by providing a smooth and efficient digital experience to their customers and by managing the overall business effectively.

Eazy Online Store Solution makes all this possible through three dedicated merchant applications.

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ICICI Bank EazyBilling - Increase your sales with the all-new EazyBilling app - an all-in-one store solution that fits in your palm.

  Bill your customers, quickly and accurately   Increase your efficiency and sales
  1 lakh+ products pre-loaded    Drive customer walk-ins by sending custom store promos
   Bill loose items, without any inconvenience    Get special offers directly from brands
   Reduce inventory and losses with easy inventory management    Increase repeat purchases through the Loyalty programme
  Multiple POS terminal collection modes including cards, QR code    Utilise sales analytics for better decision making

ICICI Bank EazyStore - Go online and get orders from new customers with the all-new EazyStore app - get your very own mobile app and receive online orders from your customers.

   Increase sales near your location through online visibility on the customer app    Easy order management - Accept/Reject/Modify orders
   Easy upload of products through excel, as well as a pre-loaded catalogue    Easy collection modes - Cash on delivery as well as on digital modes
   Utilise delivery partners for efficient delivery and increase your reach    Promote the store through offers and loyalty points

ICICI Bank EazySupply - Convenient ordering of supplies with the all-new ICICI Bank EazySupply app - get a wide selection of high-quality products at attractive prices – at your fingertips.

   Easy online ordering for store supplies. Quick orders anytime, anywhere   Access to offers from brands and distributors
  Multiple ordering options - (a) B2B e-commerce portal (b) Brand Distributor Portals (c) Local Wholesale Vendors using EazyDistributor portal    Easy payments through digital modes
   Create shopping list for quick orders    Track your own orders


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