Security with iBizz HD

iBizz HD is a secure tablet application to help you access your account on tablet devices. The app has multi level security features as given below.

Security of Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)

iBizz HD, the tablet banking app is applicable for customers registered on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB). It allows you to transfer funds only to pre-registered payees, thus preventing any unauthorized transaction in your account.

Secure fund transfer

For doing fund transfers on iBizz HD, the CIB transaction password is required to complete the transaction, thus adding another layer of security. The functionality is also secured with SMS or iSafe based OTP for every transaction.

Storage encryption

No sensitive information is stored on your tablet device. Also, the data stored on the tablet is encrypted using strong encryption standards.

Communication encryption

The data exchanged between iBizz HD and server is encrypted to ensure data security and confidentiality.