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2 mins Read | 1 Month Ago

Home Loan Prepayment Rules, Penalty, Charges | ICICI Bank Blogs

20 lakh Home Loan


Plan your ICICI Bank Home Loan prepayment easily by understanding the rules, penalties and charges associated with Home Loan prepayment. Whether you are planning to pay off your loan early or make partial prepayment, knowing the guidelines and potential costs can help you save money.  

What is prepayment of Home Loan?

Prepayment of Home Loan is the process of paying off a loan before the end of its tenure. Prepayment of ICICI Bank Home Loan allows the borrower to conveniently reduce his/ her outstanding principal and interest earlier than planned. A customer can also make part prepayment towards his/ her ICICI Bank Home Loan, which involves paying a portion of the loan in advance. 

Who is eligible for prepayment of Home Loan?

Eligibility for Home Loan prepayment depends on the specific policies of the loan provider. It is advisable to read and verify ICICI Bank Home Loan Prepayment rules to understand if there are any restrictions or penalties involved. Review the prepayment clause in the Home Loan agreement. ICICI Bank typically offers flexible prepayment options but it is important to go through the loan terms to avoid any unexpected costs. 

How does Home Loan prepayment work?

Prepayment of a Home Loan involves paying an additional amount over your regular EMIs to reduce the principal balance of your loan. This can significantly decrease the amount of interest to be paid and reduce the loan tenure. However, it is important to understand the associated costs. For instance, ICICI Bank Home Loan prepayment charges may vary depending on the loan agreement. Typically, these charges are a percentage of the prepayment amount. Always check the specific Terms and Conditions to ensure that prepayment is financially beneficial for you.


How many times can I prepay a Home Loan?

Usually, there is an initial lock-in period during which you cannot prepay the Home Loan. After that, there is no limit to the number of times that you can prepay a Home Loan.

What are the RBI guidelines for prepayment of Home Loan?

The RBI guidelines for Home Loan prepayment include the prohibition of prepayment penalties on floating rate loans, ensuring that borrowers can repay early without extra costs. For fixed-rate loans, banks must clearly disclose if there are any prepayment charges during the loan sanction stage, promoting transparency and fairness in the lending process.

Is there any penalty for prepayment of Home Loan?

The penalty for Home Loan prepayment depends on the lender's policy. ICICI Bank has certain charges which are clearly outlined in the loan agreement. You can view ICICI Bank Home Loan prepayment charges here.  

Is Home Loan prepayment a good idea?

Home Loan prepayment allows you to save money in the long run. To evaluate the benefits, you can use tools like ICICI Bank Prepayment Calculator, which will help you estimate potential savings so that you can plan your prepayment strategy effectively.


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