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2 mins Read | 1 Month Ago

What is a Credit Card Validator & How to Use It

What is a Credit Card Validator, and How Can It Be Used


Safeguarding financial data is crucial when it comes to online transactions. A Credit Card validator is an essential tool designed to ensure the integrity of Credit Card information. But how exactly does it work and how can you utilise its capabilities to protect your financial transactions? Let us get a brief overview of the Credit Card validator to understand its significance and how it can be effectively utilised to secure your online transactions. 

Understanding an online Credit Card validator

Using an online Credit Card validator is an effective strategy for businesses to reduce the risks associated with fraud. Fraudulent activities such as unauthorised purchases made with stolen Credit Card information pose significant challenges for companies that accept Credit Card payments. Credit Card validators play a crucial role in addressing this issue by verifying the legitimacy of Credit Card details before processing transactions. Given the range of benefits associated with ICICI Bank Credit Cards tailored to suit various lifestyles and preferences, utilising an online Credit Card validator becomes crucial. From the Platinum Chip Credit Card with no joining fee or annual fee to the Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card, each option offers unique advantages. By verifying the Credit Card details before transactions, you can proactively prevent unauthorised purchases and their financial consequences. 

Steps to utilise Credit Card validation checkers

To utilise a Credit Card validation checker follow these steps:

Input the Credit Card number

First, enter the Credit Card number into the validation checker's designated field.

Initiate validation

Once the Credit Card number is entered, click on the ‘Validate’ button to commence the validation process.

Await confirmation

The validation checker will then analyse the Credit Card number and promptly inform you whether it is valid or not.

How does a Credit Card validator work?

Understanding how a Credit Card validator functions can help you understand the layers of security involved in Credit Card transactions. A Credit Card validator verifies the information submitted for your Credit Card using several key components and algorithms. Here is a detailed look at how it works:

Personal Account Number

The digits following the IIN, typically up to 12 digits, form the Personal Account Number. This sequence is unique to each cardholder and must adhere to specific formatting rules. The validator confirms that the Personal Account Number follows the expected structure and falls within the valid range.

Main Industry Identifier (MII)

The first digit of the Credit Card number is the Main Industry Identifier (MII). It indicates the card issuer industry. The validator checks this digit to ensure it matches the issuing industry.

Luhn algorithm

A crucial part of Credit Card validation is the Luhn algorithm or the ‘modulus 10’ or ‘mod 10’ algorithm. This mathematical formula verifies the Credit Card number validity by performing a series of calculations. The validator runs the Credit Card number through the Luhn algorithm to check if it complies with the expected checksum.

Checksum validation

The checksum validation involves the last digit of the Credit Card number. The preceding digits determine this digit and the integrity of the entire number. The validator recalculates and verifies this checksum against the provided digit to confirm its accuracy.

When you enter your Credit Card number into an online Credit Card validator, the system cross-verifies the number against these components and algorithms. If the number does not align with one of the accepted formats or fails any checks, the system will reject it. ICICI Bank's multi-layered verification process helps prevent fraudulent or incorrectly entered Credit Card numbers from being used in transactions.

Advantages of Credit Card validators

Credit Card validators offer numerous benefits, enhancing security and accuracy in financial transactions. Here are the key advantages:

Compliance Assurance

Many businesses must adhere to industry standards for processing Credit Card payments. Credit Card validators assist businesses in meeting these regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential penalties.

Enhanced Security

Validating the Credit Card number enhances the security of sensitive financial information during online transactions. This verification ensures that transactions are conducted securely, protecting customer’s data.

Fraud Prevention

Credit Card validators play a crucial role in minimising the risk of fraudulent transactions. Verifying that the provided Credit Card number is valid and it matches the issuer and account holder information, helps validators prevent unauthorised use and potential financial losses.

Cost Saving

Validating a Credit Card number helps prevent chargebacks and other types of fraud, which can be costly for businesses. By reducing the risk of fraud, Credit Card validators can save businesses significant amounts of money in the long run.

Accuracy Improvement

Online Credit Card validators help reduce errors and inaccuracies in payment processing. Fewer failed transactions reduce customer frustration and enhance the overall user experience.

Types of Credit Card validators

Luhn algorithm validator

Relies on a mathematical algorithm called the Luhn algorithm to verify the authenticity of a Credit Card number by examining its digits for a specific pattern.

Issuer Identification Number (IIN) validator

Examines the first 6 digits of a Credit Card number known as the IIN or BIN, against a database of valid IINs to determine the card issuing institution.

Card Verification Value (CVV) validator

Validates the 3 or 4-digit security code on the back of a Credit Card providing an additional layer of security to confirm the physical possession of the Credit Card.

Address Verification Service (AVS) validator

Cross-checks the billing address provided by the cardholder with the address on record with the Credit Card issuer to mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Bank Identification Number (BIN) validator:

Inspects the initial 4 to 6 digits of a Credit Card number known as the BIN against a repository of valid BINs to ascertain the Credit Card issuing bank.

Expiration Date validator

Verifies the Credit Card expiry date to ensure its validity, thereby preventing the use of expired Credit Cards and reducing the occurrence of declined transactions and chargebacks.


Credit Card validators provide a multi-layered approach to security and accuracy, making them essential instruments for protecting financial transactions. By confirming the legitimacy of Credit Card details they assure compliance with industry standards and prevent fraudulent actions. These validators use various approaches such as the Luhn algorithm, IIN validation and CVV validation.

If you are looking for Credit Cards with benefits, ICICI Bank Credit Cards are the ideal choice with state-of-the-art security, contactless technology, annual fees which may be waived off on spends as per the card and more benefits. They are an excellent choice for safe and convenient transactions. ICICI Bank’s commitment to security and rewards ensures an easy and secure experience for cardholders.

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