Know the benefits of Multi-Currency Forex Cards

January 07, 2020

Know the benefits of Multi-Currency Forex Cards

Travelling has been an important aspect of human life. With increased spending capacity, people are now investing in travels more than before. But planning a trip abroad takes a lot of effort. From ticketing to Visa, a lot needs to be organised well in advance. Once that aspect of travelling is taken care of, we need to start planning on the foreign currency and how we will spend it. Earlier, traveller’s cheque was the go-to option but now thanks to technology, we have cards. A card made just for travelling abroad, known as multi-currency forex cards .

What is s Forex Card?

A forex card is a multi-currency card used to make transaction easier while travelling abroad. This multi-currency forex card helps us take care of our expenses during our travels. Since they are prepaid, we are also mindful about our expenses during vacation. It is the best way to travel without having to carry any foreign currency in cash. A forex card is not just limited to swiping, you can also use this to withdraw cash from ATM machines. A forex card is also used for purchasing rail and bus passes, paying restaurant and taxi bills. All of this can be done with just a wave of the forex card or a swipe.

What are the benefits of Multi-Currency Forex Card?

Easy to Use – While travelling in a different country, you don’t have to try to learn the new currency constantly. Figuring out the currency and doing a constant calculation, is a journey. This can be avoided if you use a forex card. 

Cost-efficient – A forex card always gets better exchange rate as opposed to traveller’s cheque. Apart from this, they also offer other benefits like free ATM withdrawals, zero cross currency withdrawal, lower transaction rates than a Debit or Credit Card and other benefits.

Locked-in rates sans fluctuation – If you take foreign currency in cash, you may be subjected to fluctuating rates. But in a forex card, the rate remains the same from the moment you load cash onto the card. 

Secure – Forex card allows you to:

  • Transact at all outlets with PIN or EVM Chip
  • Change your PIN at your discretion
  • Temporary blocking and unblocking
  • Internet Banking and Phone Banking facility 

Globally Accepted – Forex cards are not only widely accepted, but also offer ATM facility. The countries may vary depending on the bank you took your card from.

Plenty of additional features – Some forex cards also give insurance cover on the cards due to loss or theft. Apart from that, they offer 24x7 customer service, special offers and emergency cash in case you need more money. Multi-Currency Forex Card at ICICI Bank allows you to reload money on the card through Internet Banking or iMobile. It also offers attractive benefits at duty-free shopping at Indian airports. 

Now that you know the benefits of Forex Card, apply it as you plan your travel itinerary. 

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