Credit Rating

Foreign currency denominated instrument ratings

Instrument typeMoody'sS&P
Senior unsecured medium term notes Baa3 BBB-
Certificate of Deposits P-3 -


Rupee denominated instrument ratings

Tier II bonds (Basel III) CARE AAA [ICRA]AAA -
Additional Tier 1 bonds (Basel III) CARE AA+ [ICRA]AA+ CRISIL AA+
Unsecured redeemable bonds (infrastructure bonds) CARE AAA [ICRA]AAA CRISIL AAA
Lower Tier II bonds CARE AAA [ICRA]AAA -
Long term bonds issued by erstwhile ICICI Limited CARE AAA [ICRA]AAA CRISIL AAA
Certificate of Deposits CARE A1+ [ICRA]A1+ -
Fixed deposits CARE AAA [ICRA]AAA -



Moody's: Moody's Investor Services
S&P: S&P Global Ratings
CARE: CARE Ratings Limited, India
ICRA : ICRA Limited, India
CRISIL: CRISIL Ratings Limited, India


Note: Kindly refer to the respective rating agency website for further details on the ratings