Credit Rating

Senior Debt & Deposit Ratings of ICICI Bank Limited

AgencyInstrument type IndiaICICI Bank Limited
Moody's FC - Long Term Baa3 Baa3
FC - Short Term P3 P3
S & P FC - Long Term BBB- BBB-
FC - Short Term A-3 A-3
JCRA FC - Long Term BBB+ BBB+
CARE Rupee - Long Term - CARE AAA
Rupee - Fixed Deposits - CARE AAA
Rupee - Short Term - CARE A1+
ICRA Rupee - Long Term - [ICRA] AAA
Rupee - Term Deposit - MAAA
Rupee - Short Term - [ICRA] A1+
CRISIL Rupee - Long Term - CRISIL AAA


Moody's: Moody's Investor Services
S & P: Standard & Poors
JCRA: Japan Credit Rating Agency
CARE: Credit Analysis & Research Limited, India
ICRA : ICRA Limited, India
FC : Foreign Currency


Note: Ratings by various agencies for ICICI Bank Limited as well as India are subject to regular revisions. Kindly refer to the respective agencies for the latest ratings.