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Generate One time password (OTP) for IVR/ mobile transactions on cards

Based on a Reserve Bank of India mandate, we have introduced an additional layer of security for your IVR transactions on your ICICI Bank Credit Cards.


This means that every time you pay for a purchase or service through any merchant's telephone system (IVR), you will be asked to input a One Time Password (IOTP) .This will be launched from February 1, 2011.


The various options through which you can obtain an OTP for IVR transaction are

Option 1 - Through SMS

Step 1 - Send IOTP Last four digit of your 16-digit ICICI Bank Credit Card Number to 5676766 from your registered mobile number only. For Instance: If the last four digit of your card number is 1234 then SMS IOTP 1234 to 5676766 from your registered mobile number only.


Step 2 - You will receive your IOTP only on your Registered Mobile Number.
IOTP with an SMS option can be generated after February 25, 2011.

Option 2 - Log on the 3Dsecure section of

Step 1 - Visit


Step 2 - Enter ICICI Bank Credit Card Number, valid from and Date of Birth


Step 3 - Generate IOTP Request


Step 4 - You will receive the IOTP only on your Registered Mobile Number

Option 3 - Real time OTP generation

Step 1 - At the time of the IVR transaction, enter ICICI Bank Card Number, Expiry Date and CVV Code


Step 2 - You will receive the IOTP on your Registered Mobile Number



One time password is valid for 24 hours or one transaction,whichever is earlier.


Please note: No transactions over the IVR will be carried out without the OTP after February 1, 2011.


In case of any further clarifications, please call our 24-hour Customer Care. Alternatively, Please write to us through the "E-mail Us" option. This option is available on the top of the first page at our website


*IOTP is required for credit card transactions done on mobile applications e.g. ngpay


Shop securely and live worry-free with the extra security of your OTP.


Terms and conditions apply