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Annual Report – 1999-2000


The information is intended for general purposes. The information is being made available in the ordinary course of business. In pursuance of applicable laws, ICICI is circulating the Annual Report to its members and other persons entitled to receive the same under provisions of law and also making available copies of the same at its Registered Office.


  • Click here to download – (326 KB)
    • Message from the Chairman
    • Board of Directors
    • Board Committees
    • Senior Management
    • Letter from the Managing Director
    • Message from Joint Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director
    • Performance Highlights
    • Five Years at a Glance


  • Click here to download – (278 KB)
    • ICICI Group: a Virtual Universal Bank


  • Click here to download – (85 KB)
    • Directors' Report


  • Click here to download – (172 KB)
    • Management Discussion and Analysis
    • Approvals, Disbursals & Outstandings
    • Shareholders' Information


  • Click here to download the Financials – (264 KB)
    • Auditors' Report
    • Annexure to the Auditors' Report
    • Balance Sheet, Revenue Account and Schedules
    • Annexure to Schedule IV
    • Balance Sheet Abstract and Company's General Business Profile
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Statement Pursuant to Section 212 of the Companies Act, 1956


  • Click here to download – (538 KB)
    • Consolidated Financial Statements as per US GAAP




  • Click here to view the reports of the previous year (1998-99).