ICICI Bank Rewards

Payback rewards



From in-store shopping to online purchases, dining, movies and holidays — everything you do now gets you PAYBACK points with your ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Here’s how you get superior value from PAYBACK membership :

  • Single membership and unmatched benefits: Use ICICI Bank Credit Card to shop and earn points across 100+ PAYBACK partners and redeem them for exciting reward options.
  • Everything has a point: Earn PAYBACK Points every time you shop using your ICICI Bank Credit Card.
  • Accelerate points faster: Pay using your ICICI Bank Credit Card and quote your PAYBACK Card number/ linked mobile number at a PAYBACK partner to earn points from both ICICI Bank Rewards and the PAYBACK partner on the same transaction.
  • Think big when it comes to celebrations: Exclusive partner offers and bonus points across categories like travel, entertainment, fuel, apparel and more.
  • Spend on joy and earn happiness: Endless possibilities of redeeming points for exciting rewards. Choose vouchers from 100+ brands from PAYBACK Voucher World, rewards from 1,000+ products from the Rewards Catalogue or directly redeem points at our in-store/ online partners.