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Most of us are aware about the instruments eligible for tax saving under Section 80C (with an increased exemption limit of ₹1.5 lacs) and under Sections 80CCE, 80D, 80E, 80G, 24(b), etc., of Income Tax Act, 1961 but a large proportion of us do not utilize the benefits fully.


Just by investing in options available under Sections 80C and 80D, you would be able to save tax upto the extent of ₹63,345/-*.


While you’re planning for your taxes, it is advisable to choose instruments that would not only save tax but would also provide the long term benefits in terms of savings or protection, in line with your financial goals.

You can diversify your portfolio across the host of options mentioned below:


Tax Benefit Under SectionMaximum Investment Amount
(in ₹)
Certain Investment options eligible for exemption
80C 1,50,000


Mutual Funds (Equity Linked Saving Scheme)

Life Insurance


Fixed Income:

Public Provident Fund

5-year Tax saver FD



Repayment of Housing Loan principal 

Maximum tax amount saved: ₹46,350/-

80D 55,000

Health Insurance: Mediclaim Insurance policy

 Maximum tax amount saved: ₹16,995/-

24(b) 2,00,000 Interest on Housing Loan for self-occupied property
80G Depends upon the list of Approved Funds / Charitable Institutions Donate online: Reach out and make a difference.


*Tax Benefit of ₹63,345 is calculated on investment of ₹ 2,05,000 at the highest tax slab rate of 30.90% under Income Tax Act, 1961, assuming that the total income is below ₹1 crore and is not subject to the applicable surcharge.

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