Receive Funds

Do you often transfer money from non-ICICI Bank accounts to your accounts with ICICI Bank through Cheques, Demand Drafts, Money Orders or Pay Orders?


We offer a unique solution, Receive Funds, which allows you to transfer funds into your ICICI Bank account whenever you want. You could also choose to set standing instructions for recurring transfer.


Register a payer once and place a request for receiving funds. It is a simple, one-time process.


Receive Funds facility is available in specified locations across India.


To Register

  • Please login to
  • Go to Payments & Transfer
  • Click on Receive Funds
  • Click on Registration



Download and fill the registration form >> attach a canceled cheque of payer bank >> visit our nearest branch to handover the form


  • Salaried employees with non-ICICI Bank accounts
  • Housewives
  • Students away from home
  • Property owners receiving funds from tenants