Stand Up India Schecme

Apply for Stand-Up India Scheme

  • Directly at the branch or
  • Through SIDBI’s Stand-Up India portal ( or
  • Through the Lead District Manager (LDM)

The portal will be a crucial interface layer for parameters / metrics of the borrower (obtained through a set of about 8-10 questions listed below) and will provide information and feedback to such borrowers. A potential borrower will have the option of registering on the portal right away or simply visiting it and registering later. This portal may be accessed at home, at Common Service Centers (CSCs), through a bank branch or through the LDM. In branches where internet access is restricted, the branch executive will guide the potential borrower to an internet access point.

The approach of the Stand-Up India portal, for handholding is based on obtaining answers to a set of relevant questions at the initial stage. These would typically be:

  1. Location of the borrower
  2. Category – SC/ST/Woman
  3. Nature of business planned
  4. Availability of place to operate the business
  5. Assistance needed for preparing a project plan
  6. Requirement of skills/training (technical and financial)
  7. Details of present bank account
  8. Amount of own investment into the project
  9. Whether help is needed to raise margin money
  10. Any previous experience in business

Based on the response, the portal provides relevant feedback and helps categorise the visitor to the portal as a ready borrower or a trainee borrower.


Ready Borrower


In case the borrower requires no handholding support, then registration on the portal as a Ready Borrower starts the process of application for the loan at the selected bank.


Trainee Borrower


In case the borrower indicates a need for handholding, then registration as a Trainee Borrower on the portal will link the borrower to the LDM of the concerned district and the relevant office of SIDBI/NABARD.


For more details or to apply for Stand-Up India loan, please visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch.