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Instant Personal Loan Online

A pre-approved Personal Loan is an instant loan facility for selected customers. This does not require any collateral or security. If a person has a good credit history, he/she becomes eligible for a pre-approved Personal Loan. This has a quick processing time and loan gets disbursed in seconds.

Key features

  • Disbursal in 3 seconds* – If you are an ICICI Bank customer and also eligible for a pre-approved loan, you can get funds directly into your account in just 3 seconds*
  • Minimum documentation – Pre-approval Personal Loan at ICICI Bank is a hassle-free process which requires zero or minimum documentation for loan approval
  • Least processing time – The pre-approved loan customers enjoy the least processing time for disbursal of loan
  • No Security/ Collateral required - ICICI Bank provides pre-approved Personal Loan to selected customers without any security or collateral
  • Flexible Repayment – At ICICI Bank, pre-approved Personal Loan customers enjoy flexible repayment scheme allowing customers to choose tenure and amount of their choice. This makes loan repayment very easy and hassle-free for our customers.


ICICI Bank pre-approved Personal Loan is generally offered to customers having a good credit history or who have a clean track of repaying their dues. It is also offered to customers if they have no credit history referring to parameters like income and saving history. If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you can log in to Internet Banking using iMobile app or through www.icicibank.com to check your eligibility.  

Amount and Tenure

The pre-approved Personal Loan amount differs for every individual. The maximum pre-approved amount can go up to Rs 20 lakh* which considers customer’s credit history as well as loan repayment cycle. To repay the loan, you can opt for tenure ranging from 24 months to 60 months which will make the loan repayment process easy for ICICI Bank customers.

How to apply?

You can apply for ICICI Bank pre-approved Personal Loan in just 4 steps:

Step 1:  Fill the application form:

  • Apply through iMobile app or www.icicibank.com
  • Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch
  •  Apply through ICICI Bank ATM.
  •  SMS “PL” to 5676766

Step 2: Select your required loan amount and tenure.

Step 3: Amount will be credited to your account.


What is pre-approved Personal Loan?

A pre-approved Personal Loan is usually offered by banks to customers who have a clean track record of repaying their dues. It is often offered at lower interest rates. It is also offered in case customer has no credit history basis parameters like income and savings history.

What is the pre-approved amount that can be sanctioned?

This is based on your credit history and loan repayment track. ICICI Bank offers pre-approved amount up to Rs 20 lakh.

How can I apply for a Pre-approved loan?

You can apply through ICICI Bank website, ICICI Bank iMobile app or ICICI Bank ATM or just SMS PL to 5676766.

How do I repay the pre-approved loan?

You can repay the loan in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs). If you have an ICICI Bank Account, you can mandate us to directly debit the same through auto debit mandate or if you have an alternate bank account, then through NACH mandate.

How much time does it take for pre-approved loan approval and disbursal?

Pre-approved loans are instant approved loans and require just 3 seconds* for disbursal.

Do I need security to avail of Instant Personal Loan?

No, there is no requirement of security or guarantor for the pre-approved Personal Loan.

*T&C apply

*The loan amount will be credited upon completion of the online verification and acceptance of final offer.

Customer Reviews

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Online loan disbursement instantly and without any documentations
by Hardeep Bambrah on Mar 28, 2019

It was really amazing interacting with ICICI Bank executive today and he was able to help me navigate and get my online loan disbursement instantly and without any documentation. Great and hassle free initiative!

Personal loan
by HARISUDHAN V on Mar 22, 2019

Excellent offers provided with low rate of interest. ICICI is most recommended for banking services.

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