Instant Loan Against Property

Do you need immediate funds for personal or business needs? Borrowing from other sources like family or friends may not work out at times. But, if you own a residential or commercial property, you can give it up as collateral and get instant funds, with no documentation at all. That’s how a Loan Against Property or LAP works.

At ICICI Bank, you can avail funds even faster, by applying for an Instant Loan Against Property, a Pre-Approved LAP facility that enables you to meet personal or business goals. Holding a Salary or Savings Account with our Bank has its own benefits, which means you do not have to go through the documentation process to avail instant funds, thus, ensuring quick sanction and disbursement. An Instant Loan Against Property is a perfect financing option for doctors, who want to transform their clinic into a nursing home or professionals looking to expand their business.

Get instant sanctions for loans up to Rs 1 crore, against the prevailing market value of your property, at the best Loan Against Property at attractive interest rate from 8.35%, p.a. You can also avail an instant sanction to transfer your existing Loan Against Property from other financial institutions.

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Features of ICICI Bank’s Instant Loan Against Property

Fund your business Lap tenure Transfer your lap Special offers Fund your business Lap tenure

Instant Approval

Saves Time

High Loan Amount

Swift Processing

Easy Balance Transfer

Affordable EMIs

You have an added advantage of getting the loan amount sanctioned in a few minutes

The Pre-Approved LAP Loan saves you from the time-consuming paperwork process

Avail a loan amount as high as Rs 1 crore. ICICI Bank provides loan sanction on the basis of market valuation of the property

We know that you need immediate cash to fund any purpose, which is why the Pre-Approved LAP application process is swift

If you have an ongoing LAP with another bank, ICICI Bank lets you opt for a LAP Balance Transfer

The pre-approved Loan Against Property lets you pay your EMIs at an affordable rate

Instant Loan Against Property Eligibility:

How does one apply for an Instant Loan Against Property?

As a pre-approved customer, you can apply for an Instant Loan Against Property in just three simple steps:


Select the Loan Offer

Choose the offer than suits your requirements


Pay the Processing Fee, online

Pay processing fee


Download sanction letter

Get sanction letter instantly

Prominent features of ICICI Bank Instant Loan Against Property:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Pre-Approved Loan Against Property?

A Pre-Approved Loan Against Property is a loan facility available to existing ICICI Bank customers, having a “pre-approved offer” from the Bank. Under this, borrowers can mortgage their residential or commercial property as collateral, to avail instant funds for funding their business or personal goals, at attractive interest rates.

How can I avail a pre-approved offer for an Instant Loan Against Property?

It is easy to avail the pre-approved offer for an Instant Loan Against Property. You can apply through Internet Banking or the iMobile Pay app.

What are the documents required for the sanction of an Instant Loan Against Property?

Since this is a pre-approved offer for existing ICICI Bank customers, it does not require you to produce any Loan Against Property documents, at the sanction stage. Therefore, making the loan application process, quicker.

What is the minimum and maximum loan amount for an Instant Loan Against Property?

The minimum loan amount is Rs 10 lakh and the maximum can go up to Rs crore, depending on your pre-approved offer disclosed by the Bank. You can use the Loan Against Property EMI calculator to know the monthly instalment you will need to pay against the loan.

What is the eligibility criteria to avail of a pre-approved Loan against Property (LAP)?

Pre-approved LAP eligibility - you need to be an existing ICICI Bank customer, with a pre-approved offer, to avail the pre-approved Loan Against Property.

What type of properties do you finance?

ICICI Bank’s Instant Loan Against Property is available to existing customers who own a fully constructed freehold residential or commercial property.

Can the offer tenure be changed?

Yes, you can reduce the loan tenure on the slider; however, the maximum tenure will be as mentioned on the offer.

Can a loan amount be reduced or enhanced?

Yes, you can reduce the loan amount on the slider. However, there is no facility to enhance the loan amount once the offer amount is declared by ICICI Bank.

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