Instant Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property can be availed on the existing commercial or residential property you own. The total value of the property will decide the amount of loan you can receive. These funds can be used for business expansion or personal use. You can get instant sanctions for loans up to                Rs 1 crore against your property.

You can also avail instant sanction to transfer your existing Loan Against Property from other financial institutions. The entire application process has been digitised into a 3-step process without documentation.

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Three-step process:


Select offer

Choose the offer than suits your requirements


Pay online fee

Pay processing fee


Download sanction letter

Get sanction letter instantly

Prominent features of ICICI Bank Instant Loan Against Property:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Pre-Approved Loan Against Property?

A Loan Against Property is a loan offering, which can be availed by offering your commercial or residential property as a collateral. The Pre-Approved Loan Against Property is a Pre-approved offer for eligible ICICI Bank customers. Such customers can download the sanction letter online, by following 3 simple steps.

Can a loan amount be reduced or enhanced?

The Pre-approved offer amount can be reduced by a customer by using the slider, but the loan amount cannot be increased more than the offer amount.

Can the offer tenure be reduced?

The loan tenure can be reduced on the slider but not enhanced. This, subject to the change in tenure not leading to an increase in the EMI, more than the offer EMI.

What are the documents required for a sanction of a Loan Against Property?

The sanction of a Pre-approved Loan Against Property is a completely paperless process and no documentation is required at the sanction stage.

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