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Instant Balance Transfer

Are you paying high interest rate on your Mortgage Loan?

Now with special Instant Balance Transfer offers for ICICI Bank customers, you can avail of instant sanction to transfer your Mortgage Loan to ICICI Bank in just three clicks and save more.

Note: Mortgage Loans include Home Loan, Non-Residential Premises Loan, Loan Against Property (LAP) and Land Loan.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Instant Balance Transfer

What is Instant Balance Transfer?

Instant Balance Transfer is an instant sanction product for our customers with pre-approved Balance Transfer offer. You can generate your Balance Transfer sanction letter online in just a few clicks.

Steps for Instant Balance Transfer:

-View and select your Balance Transfer offer

-Pay a discounted processing fee

-Download your sanction letter

Which type of customers will have pre-approved Balance Transfer offers?

Pre-approved Balance Transfer offers are generated for customers having a Salary Account with ICICI Bank and the loan amount is based on the ongoing loan(s) of the customers.

If I do not have a Salary Account with ICICI Bank, can I still avail of the Instant Balance Transfer?

No, the Instant Balance Transfer sanction is available only for customers having a Salary Account with ICICI Bank and pre-approved Balance Transfer offer.

What is the validity of a sanction letter issued at the time of Instant Balance Transfer?

The sanction letter is valid for a period of 6 months, during which you can avail of the disbursement.

What is the maximum tenure that I can avail of?

The maximum tenure that can be availed of is 30 years for Home Loans and 20 years for others. However, the offer tenure based on your age will be displayed on the offer page. You can reduce the tenure if required, but cannot increase it beyond the offer tenure.

After availing of the Instant Balance Transfer sanction, do I need to submit any documents at the time of disbursement?

Additional documents will be required as per the conditions mentioned in your sanction letter at the time of disbursement.

What kind of loans can be transferred using Instant Balance Transfer?

Instant Balance Transfer can be used to transfer Home Loans, Loan Against Property (LAP) (Residential and Commercial) and Commercial Property Purchase.

How many loans can be sanctioned under the Instant Balance Transfer journey?

The customer can transfer maximum 2 loans in Instant Balance Transfer journey.

*Subject to acceptance of terms and conditions.

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