Home Overdraft

ICICI Bank Home Overdraft is a one stop solution for all your funding requirements. It is a multipurpose* long tenure facility which gives you quick access to funds to manage your planned and unplanned expenses.

Overdraft facility can be availed against your residential, commercial or specialized properties. You can also avail the facility as a top up on your existing Home Loan, Loan Against Property or a Loan against Rent Receivables and enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing funds as and when you need

It provides you a flexibility of utilizing the limit as per your requirement and thereby reduce your expenses by paying interest only on utilized amount

* Overdraft facility not to be used for speculative or restricted purposes

  For details, give us a missed call on 9022499400

  For details, give us a missed call on 9022499400

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Prominent features of ICICI Bank Home Overdraft

Overdraft Limit Applicable Interest Dropdown Reverse Sweep Facility

Combination of Term Loan and Overdraft in any proportion

Interest applicable only on utilised amount

Option of monthly or annual dropdown in limit

Reverse sweep facility

Home Overdraft

Home Overdraft

The key product norms for ICICI Bank Home Overdraft depends on following factors:


Loan Amount Rs 5 lakh – Rs 5 crore*
Loan type Overdraft facility with Loan Against Property, Loan Against Receivables & Top Up Loans
Eligible profiles All
Eligible Entities Proprietorship, Partnership, LLPs, Private Limited Companies, Listed Public Limited Companies, Closely Held Limited Companies, Trusts and Societies
End use Business and Personal Utility


*Note- Loan amount may vary depending upon the profile (Salaried/Self Employed) of a customer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ICICI Bank Home Overdraft

Will the Rate of Interest on the Home Overdraft be the same as Term Loan?

No, the interest rate will be 0.25% higher than the Term Loan attached to it

How much loan amount is offered under Home Overdraft product?

Loan amount may vary depending the profile type of Customer.

I am an existing ICICI Bank Home Loan customer. Can I take Home Overdraft?

Yes, an existing Loan customers can avail of this product in the form of Top Up over existing loan.

Can Home Overdraft account be closed any time or is there a lock-in period?

There is no lock-in period for overdraft account, and customer can close the account anytime.

I wish to take loan against my property, can I avail of Home Overdraft?

Yes, this product is available to all customers who wish to take a Loan Against Property (LAP), Top-Up, or Balance Transfer + Top-Up.

Is there any fee for renewal of Home Overdraft limit?

Yes, the overdraft offered with this product is renewable annually and will attract applicable renewal charges, which will be debited to the overdraft account.

I have a Home Loan with other bank/financial institution? Can I transfer my loan to ICICI Bank and avail of Home Overdraft?

Yes, all customers having a Home Loan or Loan Against Property (LAP) or have taken Loan Against Rent Receivables with other banks/financial institutions can transfer their loans to us and avail of this product.

Is there any restriction on usage of the Home Overdraft amount? Can it be used for buying purpose?

Yes, there is a restriction on the usage. The funds cannot be used for speculative or restricted purposes.

Can a customer avail of Home Overdraft facility if he/she has only salary relationship with the bank and no Home Loan?

A salaried customer needs to have a Home Loan or he/she can take a Loan Against Property (LAP) to avail of this facility.

I wish to take Loan against my property, Can I avail home overdraft product?

Yes, this product is available to all customers who wish to take a Loan Against Property, Top-up, Balance Transfer + Top-up

Do I need to submit separate KYC documentation / Application form to avail of home overdraft facility?

Yes, if you do not have any existing relationship with the ICICI bank.

I am planning to take a Top Up loan on my existing Non Residential Property loan. Am I eligible to take Home Overdraft product?

Yes, this product is available on all Top-up loans to salaried customers

I own a commercial property which is being leased out to a company. I get rentals every month. Am I eligible to get Overdraft facility based on the rent receivables?

Yes, you can avail the Overdraft facility with attached with Loan against rent receivables

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