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Transfer your existing Home Loan with other Bank and Financial Institution to us and avail of the benefit of attractive interest rate with reduced Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) and minimal documentation.

Additionally, with ICICI Bank Balance Transfer facility, you can opt for Top-Up Loan up to 100% of your original loan.

What’s more? The Repo Rate linked loan will offer you the advantage of interest reset and increase your savings.

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If you are an existing ICICI Bank customer, check your Pre-approved Balance Transfer offer and get instant sanction of your Property Loan.

Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Check out your total savings on monthly payments and see the comparison of how much you can save.

4 Ways to Save through Balance Transfer with ICICI Bank

Tenure unchanged

Reduce your monthly instalments and save for the future

EMI amount unchanged

Reduce your tenure and settle your loan in less time

Maximum tenure

Avail of maximum tenure with reduced monthly instalments

Reduced EMI

Save money with decreased monthly instalments

Why Balance Transfer is a Smart Choice?

Why choose Top-up Loan with Balance Transfer?

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You can avail of the Top-up Loan for personal and professional needs

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Minimal documentation process for application and approval of loans

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No additional collaterals are needed for loan approval 

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Simple and swift process for urgent funds with reduced EMI benefits

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What is Balance Transfer?

Balance Transfer refers to transferring your existing Home Loan/Mortgage Loan from one bank/financer to another.

How do I avail of a Balance Transfer Loan?

Home Loan with any financial institution can avail of Balance Transfer for existing loan to ICICI Bank.

Why should I opt for a Balance Transfer?

With a Balance Transfer facility, you can transfer your existing Home Loan running at a high rate of interest to another bank/financer offering a low interest rate. Hence, the EMI reduces and you save on your monthly outflows. Further, you can also take additional loan referred to as Top-Up Loan, on your existing property along with the transfer. This can be used for any personal use like refurnishing of house, holiday, education of children, etc.

What is the maximum amount that can be transferred?

There is no capping on amount that can be transferred to ICICI Bank.

What is the advantage of transferring the existing Home Loan to ICICI Bank?

By doing a Balance Transfer to ICICI Bank, you get will a reduced rate of interest which will help you to save on EMI and loan repayment enabling you to save further for other life goals.

Can I get a Top-Up Loan at the time of Balance Transfer?

With ICICI Bank, you can also avail of 100% Top-Up on existing loan amount.

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