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iPal is an omnichannel bot that redefines your banking experience. You can make use of iPal on multiple channels such as Internet banking, iMobile and Pockets.

Alexa GoogleHome

How can I connect to iPal?

Alexa GoogleHome

iPal is now available anytime anywhere to answer your questions on any Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant device and make everyday banking easier.

Steps to use ICICI Bank Voice Bot:

AlexaGoogle Home
  • Launch Amazon Alexa
  • Enable ICICI Skill
  • Use the phrase – "Ask ICICI Bank"
  • You'll be connected to iPal
  • Ask your query
  • Launch Google Home or Google Assistant
  • Use the phrase – "Talk to ICICI Bank"
  • You'll be connected to iPal
  • Ask your query
ICICI Bank introduces Voice Banking on Google Home

ICICI Bank introduces Voice Banking on Google Home

ICICI Bank introduces Voice Banking on Google Home

Ever thought why go anywhere when your Google assistant can give you all the answers. ICICI Bank brings banking on your voice command. Just say, Hey Google, Talk to ICICI Bank and get answers to all your banking queries. You can check your account balance, credit card bills due date, credit card due amount, credit card transactions and many more.

What can you do with iPal?

You can rely on iPal to many of the day to day activities such as

  • Banking queries

    Banking queries

  • Apply for products & services

    Apply for product

  • Locate branch/ATM

    Locate branch/ATM

  • Check offers

    Check offers

  • Open/Close FD/RD

    Account Balance

  • Recharge


  • Fund transfer

    Fund transfer

iPal Features & benefits

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ICICI Bank 'iPal' is designed to 

  • Interact using voice command
  • Available 24*7 at your service
  • Personalized contextual offers
  • Conversational way to make your transactions
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for iPal Chatbot

What is iPal?

iPal is an Artificial Intelligence based virtual financial assistant. It is always available to answer your banking questions, helps you do basic transactions and make everyday banking easier. All answers given by iPal are automated, but iPal is trained to understand your queries and improve the responses.

What can iPal help me with?

 iPal can help you with:

  • General banking queries
  • Transactions like bill payments, mobile recharge, fund transfer, etc.
  • Navigate within app/website
  • Show your personalised offers
  • Get your branch details, find nearest branch and ATM.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes. Your interactions with iPal are protected by the same industry-leading privacy and security features as the mobile app and Internet Banking.

How to use it?

iPal is available on ICICI Bank website and Mobile Banking apps. Click on the ‘Ask iPal’ bubble on the website and iPal icon on the apps, to initiate the conversation. You can either give voice commands or type your query. To give voice commands on mobile app, click on the microphone icon available on the bottom right side. It will enable the voice input (you will see a bar saying "Listening"). Just ask your query and hit send. The bot will provide the answer.

How should I ask my query?

Your query should be in English without spelling mistakes. Your query should be short and crisp. It should convey the intent directly.

From where can I access iPal?

You can access iPal from ICICI Bank website, Mobile apps like iMobile, InstaBIZ and Pockets, Alexa and Google Home.

How can I launch iPal on Alexa and Google Home

You can launch iPal on Alexa and Google Home by saying ‘Talk to ICICI Bank’ and ‘Ask ICICI Bank’.

Do I need to share my personal information?

Please do not share Debit/Credit Card PIN, account details, User ID and Password with iPal.

In which languages iPal can speak?

Currently iPal understands and speaks English only.

Are my conversations with iPal recorded?

Yes, conversations of all users are stored in order to train and improve iPal's understanding.

Where can I raise my queries related to iPal?

You can call our Customer Care for any queries related to iPal. For any queries, please click here .

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