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ICICI Bank Pure Gold

    Idea for Occasions

    When we consider a gift idea for our important relationships, be it business associates, clients or employees, we are looking for something that would have acceptability (the gift should be liked by the recipient), good quality, conveniently purchasable and affordable. Searching for a gift with so many qualities can be quite a difficult proposition.


    The good news is that we have managed to solve your gifting dilemmas with our Offering. 'ICICI Bank Pure Gold' offer has all the virtues that make a brilliant gift idea. The 'ICICI Bank Pure Gold' has universal acceptability; it is of good quality (99.99% purity), conveniently purchasable perennially through ICICI Bank branches* , ICICI Bank Net Banking and is true value for money as the intrinsic value of gold is assured through the 'Assay Certification'.

    Some of the occasions when 'ICICI Bank Pure Gold' can be gifted are

    • 5 yrs. of service by an employee
    • As an Award for good performance
    • Marriage of an employee
    • Great gift idea on Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Id, Durga Puja etc
    • Bonus for employees
    • Dealers for achieving targets
    • As a free gift to the customer for buying high value products from you
    • New year gift for important relationships

    Some interesting aspects of ICICI Bank Pure Gold

    • It is available in tamper proof packaging .
    • It is accompanied by 'ASSAY Certification' indicating the highest level of purity as per international standards.
    • It is available throughout the year.

    ICICI Bank Pure Gold can be purchased using the following modes of payment

    • Cash
    • Debit instruction to your account.
    • ICICI Bank cheque
    • Non-ICICI Bank cheque
    • ICICI Bank Net Banking

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