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ICICI Bank Pure Gold

    A Gift of Relationship

    A gift of gold is a privilege reserved for the valued few. There is no other gift in the Indian context, which would make the recipient feel more important, than the expression of love, respect and piousness - Gold.


    Gold across cultures has been a symbol of purity, hence the saying - 'heart of Gold'. But how many of us have pondered on the purity that Gold symbolises. Is the gift of gold that we give to our important relations really pure? You will be surprised, more often than not the answer would be - No! The truth is that in the absence of an organised gold market and standards, we are not getting value for money. We are actually paying more money for the gold we are buying, as the purity of gold professed by the seller is in question.


    ICICI Bank through its ICICI Bank Pure Gold offering wants you to get value for money. We are here to ensure that you get the ‘Best Deal’. ICICI Bank is amongst the first banks in the country to have started perennial retailing of Gold through its branches. The retailing of gold is done in 0.5g, 1g, 2.5g, 5g, 8g, 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g gold coins that are imported from Switzerland. The gold coins come with an ‘ASSAY Certification’, indicating the highest quality of gold at 99.99% purity. The coins are available to our customers in tamper proof packaging. These coins are readily available at ICICI Bank branches (select)* and ICICI Bank Net Banking. . You can also contact our 24 hour Customer Care Centre.


    Gold makes a great gift idea for valued relationships. And when you talk about important relationships you should not settle for anything but the best. Gift your important relationships ‘ICICI Bank Pure Gold’ as a manifestation of your commitment to the relationship and its quality.

    *ICICI Bank Pure Gold is not available through ICICI Bank ATMs.

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