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ICICI Bank is the one-stop shop for all your forex needs!

 Whether your destination is Paris, Mauritius or enchanting Rome, ICICI Bank offers the best of both worlds! We buy and sell the following :


ICICI Bank Travel Card


ICICI Bank Travel Card has made travel abroad convenient and safe. Available in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euro and Pound Sterling, the international traveller is in fact spoilt for choice.

Features of this power-packed Travel Card:

  • Replacement Card
  • SMS alerts for every transaction
  • Online access
  • Card enabled for Internet transactions

Click here to know more.

Travellers Cheques


When you travel abroad, you can opt for Travellers Cheques (TCs) as an alternative to cash. These are cheques issued to you that offer you the safety and security you need when on the move.


Unlike cash, if your travellers cheques are lost or stolen they can be replaced within 24 hours, virtually anywhere in the world by most banks, service establishments and even by a large number of merchants. In fact, TCs are considered the safest form of currency. In addition, they make it easier for you to budget, track and control your travel expenses.


Travellers cheques are recognised worldwide. In the U.S they can be used like cash at retail locations, hotels and restaurants. Outside the U.S they can be used like cash at many locations, or exchanged for local currency at banks, currency exchanges, and travel service locations.


We offer you American Express Travellers Cheques in the following currencies: United States Dollar, Great British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen.


Travellers Cheques offer the following features:

  • Accepted at numerous merchants for shopping
  • Signature-based security
  • Replacement of TCs within 24 hours across the world
  • Easier for you to budget, track and control your travel expenses

Foreign Currency


Foreign Currency is issued to customers travelling to another country for leisure, business, education or any other purpose. According to FEMA guidelines, the maximum amount of currency that can be availed of for any purpose of travel is the equivalent of USD 3,000. We buy and sell most currencies, so wherever you are travelling, don't think twice before visiting ICICI Bank for your forex needs!

Please note: With effect from April 1, 2011 the Service Tax applicable for all Forex sale and purchase transactions would be as per the slabs provided below:


Transaction AmountService Tax applicable (including education cess)
Upto rupees 1,00,000/- (one Lakh) 0.1236% or INR 31 (i.e. Rs. 30 + 3% cess) whichever is higher
Rupees 1,00,000/- to 10,00,000 INR 124/- + 0.0618% on amounts over 1,00,000/-
Above Rs. 10,00,000 INR 680/- + 0.01236% on amounts over 10,00,000/- Charge upper cap - RS 6,180/-