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Group Health Insurance for Senior Citizens - Gifting Happiness

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

With the rising costs of living including healthcare along with the growing age, it becomes even more necessary to be prepared to take care of one’s health without compromising on one’s hard-earned savings. “Group Health Insurance for Senior Citizens” is a unique offering from ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, of insuring our customers of advanced years to help them enjoy their golden days without any financial worries. A product designed especially for customers aged between 56 and 75 years1, this plan offers a sum insurance of up to Rs 10 lakh.

Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Some benefits of the product are:

  • Sum insured options of Rs 5 lakh and Rs 10 lakh
  • Tax benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax Act2
  • Cashless approvals within 4 hours3
  • Avail of facility in just 3 steps, in a complete online process
  • Avail of benefits on hospital room up to a single private room
  • This is an annual policy commencing from date of enrolment by the ICICI Bank customers.4

Health Insurance Eligibility for Senior Citizen

  • The insured should fall in the age bracket of 56 to 75 years.
  • This product is available only for ICICI Bank customers and can be extended to their dependent family only.
  • Maximum of 2 adults can only be covered under one policy.

Click here to refer to Policy Wordings for details.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Coverage

  • Donor expenses covered up to Sum Insured
  • Domestic Air Ambulance cover up to 10% of Sum Insured
  • Alternate Treatment5 covered up to 10% of Sum Insured
  • Declared and accepted pre-existing diseases are covered after waiting period of 2 years
  • 20% co-payment applicable in each and every claim.

Policy exclusions

For a detailed list of illness/injury not covered under this policy, please click here.

Other important terms and conditions

  • In line with extant IRDAI regulations, customer shall also have the right to migrate from ICICI Lombard Group Health Insurance to an individual health insurance policy or a family floater policy as may be issued by ICICI Lombard to transfer the credit gained for pre-existing conditions and time bound exclusions. However, the customer shall be required to apply for the same to ICICI Lombard at least 45 days before the policy expires.
  • The information provided here shall be valid for the term of the policy contract unless the same is changed by the insurance company or in conflict with the applicable laws.

Customer would be given a period of 15 days (free look period) from the date of receipt of the Policy to review its terms and conditions. Where the Policy Holder disagrees to any of the terms or conditions of the Policy, he has the option to return the Policy stating the reasons for his objection. In case the request for cancellation comes 15 days after the receipt of Policy by you, the refund of premium would be paid to you on short term basis.

Conditions apply.

1Pre-acceptance Medical Screening is mandatory irrespective of the age of the person and the sum insured opted. However, Medical Examination will be done for those who declare adverse medical history as per the Underwriting discretion and for the age of 65 and above.

2Deduction under Section 80D is as per applicable provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and amendments made thereto. Tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time.

3Insurer will respond within 4 hours on receipt of complete set of documents and information.

4This being a Group Insurance Policy, it is noteworthy that in case the customer closes the Bank account, the benefits under this policy shall cease upon expiry of the policy term and the customer may not be eligible for renewal of this policy.

5Alternate Treatment covers (AYUSH): Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy

For detailed product benefit, waiting period, exclusions, terms and conditions, click here to refer to Policy Wordings for details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Group Health Insurance (GHI) for Senior Citizen

Who can buy this product offered by ICICI Bank?

Currently, the product Group Health Insurance –Senior Citizen can be offered only to individual Savings Account holders.

What is the eligible criteria for availing of the senior citizen Health Insurance Plan?

An individual should be between 56 and 75 years of age.

Do I have to do medical checkup before purchasing the product?

Yes, for age above 65 years and in case of pre-existing disease, you have to undergo pre policy medical checkup at our designated network provider/service provider. In case your proposal is accepted, 100% of the costs for the pre policy medical checkup will be borne by us and in case it is rejected, the cost of pre policy medical checkup shall be deducted from the premium and the balance premium shall be refunded.

Does my policy cover the diseases that I already have at the time of buying the policy?

Declared and accepted Pre-Existing Diseases (PEDs) will be covered after 24 months of continuous coverage.

When will I receive my policy certificate?

It will take T+7 days for us to dispatch your policy certificate, T being the date of your Savings Account activation or amount being deducted from your Account, Credit or Debit Card.

I had not declared a pre-existing disease when I had bought the policy earlier. Can I do so now? What is the impact on my policy?

Any Pre-Existing Disease (PED) not declared at the time of policy inception will be considered as non-disclosure of the material facts and will lead to policy cancellation. To avoid this, all material facts related to PEDs should be declared before the policy issuance. However, should you need to declare any PED after policy issuance, please visit the nearest ICICI Lombard branch. The acceptance of the PED will be subject to our underwriting guidelines. In case the PED is a declined risk as per our underwriting guidelines, your policy may be subject to cancellation with zero refund of premium.

I have received a health care card. Why do I need a health care card?

A health care card is given to all the people insured and has all the details of the insured along with the policy number, insured name and policy end date. You will have to produce this when you avail of the cashless hospitalisation facility.

What tax benefit do I get for making premium payments?

Yes, premium under the plan is eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax (IT) Act. This deduction is eligible under the prevailing tax laws, which are subject to change.

Is the claim amount subject to tax?

No, the claim amount you receive under your health policy is not subject to tax.


The advertisement contains only an indicative of cover offered. For more details on risk factors, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the terms & conditions/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. Insurance is underwritten by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited. GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE. (UIN - ICIHLGP21380V042021 (Misc 11))

ICICI Bank Limited (“ICICI Bank”) with registered office at ICICI Bank Tower, Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Road, Vadodara, 390 007, Gujarat (CIN: L65190GJ1994PLC021012) Toll Free No. 1860 120 7777 is only a Corporate Agent (Composite, IRDAI Regn No.: CA0112 valid till March 31, 2022) of ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited having its registered office at ICICI Lombard House, 414, Veer Savarkar Marg, Near Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025. IRDAI Reg. No. 115. Toll Free No. 1800 2666. Fax No. 022 61961323, CIN: L67200MH2000PLC129408.

Enrolment by ICICI Bank’s customer of any insurance products is purely voluntary, and is not linked to availment of any other facility from ICICI Bank.


  • IRDAI is not involved in activities like selling insurance policies, announcing bonus or investment of premiums.
  • Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint.

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