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FD, RD & iWish
(390 days - 2 yrs)
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(390 days - 2 yrs)
7.25% Apply Now
Home Loan
(Upto 30 lacs)
8.35*% Apply Now
Personal Loan
(Upto 20 lacs)
10.99*% Apply Now

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IVR Banking

Get all your banking needs answered right from your phone. ICICI Bank's Instant Voice Response Banking is free of charge, fully automated and at the same time user-friendly.

Having an ATM Pin, TPIN as well as a personal password for your account and credit card ensures that your transactions are secure.


Savings A/C

Key-in your ATM/ Debit Card Number, corresponding ATM PIN and access your bank account through your phone.

  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press # - Last 5 transactions
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 1 - Cheque and cheque book related queries (cheque book request, stop payment of cheque, deposited cheque status, issued cheque status)
  • Card + ATM PIN >> Press 2 - Internet Banking and Bill Payment related query ( User ID, new password, payee confirmation, bill payment, all other internet banking related queries)
  • Card + ATM PIN >> Press 3 - To update your address, telephone no or email id ( Address change request , mobile banking, email id updation)
  • Card + ATM PIN >> Press 4 - Statement related queries ( By email, by courier, all other statement related queries)

Credit Cards

Get various details pertaining to your ICICI Bank Credit Card through ICICI Bank's IVR services. Simply key in your 16 digit Card number and the corresponding ATM PIN.

  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press # - Last 5 transaction
  • Card+ATM PIN >> Press 1 - Payment related queries ( Auto debit, all other payment related queries )
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 2 - Statement related queries ( By email, by fax, by courier, all other statement related queries )
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 3 - To update address, telephone no. or email id ( Change address, mobile no updation / registration, email id registration / updation )
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 4 - Internet Banking related queries ( User id, new password , all other internet banking related queries)


Keep a track of your Demat account anytime, anywhere with ICICI Bank's IVR Banking. All you need is your 14-digit Demat Account Number and the corresponding TPIN.

  • ISIN query
  • Holding statement
  • Transaction history
  • Submitting delivery instructions
  • Request for Instruction Booklet


As a Bond Account holder, you can obtain information about your bonds simply by keying in your Bonds holder Number.

  • Information on Redemption
  • Information on Interest
  • Information on Despatch of Bonds certificates


ICICI Bank's IVR Banking provides various other services to make banking easier, faster and more convenient.

  • Lost/ Replacement card
  • ATM PIN re-issue
  • Standing Instructions
  • Complaints and suggestions
  • Enquire about any ICICI Bank product