Anywhere Banking

ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in the country. It services customer accounts through a multi-channel access network. This includes branches and extension counters, ATMs, Call Centre and Internet Banking . Access various services we offer anytime, anywhere and from anyplace.


Key-in your ATM/ Debit Card Number, corresponding ATM PIN and access your bank account through your phone.

  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press # - Last 5 transactions
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 1 - Cheque and Cheque Book related queries (Cheque status, Cheque book request, stop cheque)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 2 - Statement request (By email, By courier)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 3 - Contact details updation (Address change request, Mobile Banking, Email ID updation)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 4 - Internet banking related (User ID, Payee confirmation, New Password)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 5 - Card Replacement and Despatch related (New Card request, Despatch status)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 6 - All other transactions (Account status, Utility Bill payment Service)
Credit Cards

Get various details pertaining to your ICICI Bank Credit Card through ICICI Bank’s IVR Services. Simply key-in your 16 digit Card Number and the corresponding ATM PIN.

  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press # - Last 5 transaction
  • Card+ATM PIN >> Press 1 - Limit enhancement
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 2 - Duplicate Statement (Email, Fax, Physical)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 3 - Contact details updation (Address, Mobile, Email)
  • Reward Points status
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 4 - Internet Banking related (User id, Password)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 5 - Reward Points related (Redemption, Gift catalog)
  • Card+ATM PIN >>Press 6 - All Other Transactions (Replacement, UBPS, Payment, EMI, PLCC, BT queries)

Keep a track of your Demat account anytime, anywhere with ICICI Bank’s IVR Banking. All you need is your 14-digit Demat Account Number and the corresponding TPIN.

  • ISIN query
  • Holding statement
  • Transaction history
  • Submitting delivery instructions
  • Request for Instruction Booklet

As a Bond Account holder, you can obtain information about your bonds simply by keying in your Bonds holder Number.

  • Information on Redemption
  • Information on Interest
  • Information on Despatch of Bonds certificates
  • Click here to download the Relationship Form(for resident individuals)

ICICI Bank’s IVR Banking provides various other services to make banking easier, faster and more convenient.

  • Lost/ Replacement card
  • ATM PIN re-issue
  • Standing Instructions
  • Complaints and suggestions
  • Inquire about any ICICI Bank product

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