At ICICI Bank, safety is our first priority.


The entire communication between your Twitter account and your ICICI Bank account is carried out through private structured messages using secured channels to ensure safety and privacy of not only your Bank but also your Twitter Account. Financial Transactions using your Twitter account uses the social media as its communication platform but the security parametres follow the 2 factor authentication parameter between the Bank and the customer.All transactions happen on secure Bank servers. This ensures that your sensitive banking information as well as Twitter privacy is maintained.


Also, icicibankpay uses Direct Messages between ICICI Bank and you. Direct messages are private conversation between the 2 parties involved and do not have public viewing.The messages are NOT PUBLIC TWEETS. Hence, the transactions, though done on Twitter, are private between you and the Bank using the Direct Messages and your Twitter account no financial details are shared on public domain.

Safety when you register

  • You can register only if you follow @icicibank. If you feel your account is compromised please immidiately de-register by please simply unfollowing @icicibank
  • When you register for Twitter, the processing can be done, only if your mobile number is registered with ICICI Bank. Registration will be linked only to this account
  • An OTP( one time password) is sent to that number as an SMS and NOT to your Twitter, hence no one but you can have access to that OTP. Only post OTP confirmation, you can start transacting on Twitter using icicibankpay

Safe and secure Funds Transfer

You can send money to anyone who has a Bank account and uses Twitter safely and securely since the transactions are done using secure banking channels and not on Twitter

  • When you send money to your friend using icicibankpay, you will receive a 4 digit passcode on your registered mobile number
  • This code has to be shared with receiver as one of the parameters to withdraw money
  • The receiver has to authenticate his Twitter account by entering Twitter ID and Password , put his/her bank account details and the 4 digit passcode to withdraw money

The entire redemption page is on secure ICICI Bank channels and not via a Tweet. No confidential information is shared on Twitter, only the beneficiary receives a message that you have sent him a coupon.


To maintain safety and security always log out of your Twitter account after each usage from any device using the browser or the app.