Fun, Finances & Safety are all on one platter! Pockets assures you a safe, simple and social way of banking.

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Security of information:

  • No personal information, account balance or transaction information is shared with Facebook through Pockets by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank just posts a message on your wall after your registration. If you wish to share any of your other activities on the app, you need to explicitly post them on Facebook.

Security of transactions

  • Completely Secure:

    Pockets is completely secure as all authentication and transactions take place on ICICI Bank's secured servers. Any unauthorized access to your Facebook account does not impact your Pockets account
  • Safe Start:

    Registration of your account is based on your Debit Card number and PIN authentication to avoid any misuse of your account. This authentication page also resides on ICICI Bank servers and not on Facebook
  • One Time password for all transactions:

    For each transaction, there is a unique dynamically generated OTP (One Time Password) that is sent to your mobile number registered with ICICI Bank to verify that the transaction is initiated by you