Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Cardless Cash Withdrawal through Internet Banking

To get started with Cardless Cash Withdrawal, you need your Internet Banking User ID & password and be registered for ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Services.

Steps to use Cardless Cash Withdrawal service

Step 1. Request for Cardless Cash Withdrawal at

  • Log in to with your Internet Banking user ID and password
  • Register a Payee for Cash Withdrawal
  • Go to 'manage payee' section and select 'add Cardless Cash Withdrawal payee'
  • Enter recipient mobile number, name and address
  • Confirm recipient registration by entering Unique Registration Number (URN) received on your registered mobile number
  • Create Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction
  • Go to 'Fund Transfers' section and select 'Cardless Cash Withdrawal'
  • Select an account to make a payment and select Cardless Cash Withdrawal recipient from the registered recipient list
  • Enter transaction amount
  • Authenticate transaction using your debit card grid
  • Your selected account will get debited

Step 2. SMS from ICICI Bank

  • You will receive a unique 4-digit code on your mobile from ICICI Bank
  • Please share the 4-digit code with recipient
  • The recipient will also receive a SMS with a unique 6-digit code on their mobile phone from ICICI Bank

Step 3. Cash withdrawal from ICICI Bank ATM by recipient

  • You will receive a unique 4-digit code on your mobile from ICICI Bank. Please share the same with recipient
  • Recipient has to visit a specified ICICI Bank ATM and enter the following details:
    • The recipient mobile number
    • The 4-digit code (as received by the sender)
    • The 6-digit code (as received by the recipient)
    • The amount to be withdrawn (in INR)
  • Cash will be dispensed on successful authentication of all these four parameters. The entire amount needs to be withdrawn by the recipient as a one-time transaction
  • If there is any mismatch in the details entered by the recipient, the Cardless Cash Withdrawal transaction will be blocked and the amount will be returned to the sender's account