Postpaid Bill Pay FAQs

How can I pay my postpaid mobile Bill ?

You can pay any postpaid bill by sending a single SMS to 9222208888 in the below mentioned format:

BILLPAY <space> 10-Digit Mobile Number <space> Telecom Operator <space> Bill Amount <space> Last 6 digits of ICICI Bank Account No.
example : BILLPAY 9876543210 IDEA 1500 123456

Can I pay postpaid bill across any operator ?

Postpaid Bill Payment through SMS allows you to pay your mobile bill across 13 major operators available in India.

Operators available on this platform are


Vodafone Airtel Mobile Airtel Landline Tata Indicom
Tata Docomo Virgin GSM Virgin CDMA Idea
Reliance GSM Reliance CDMA MTNL Loop

I have changed my service provider using Mobile Number portability. Can I still use postpaid bill payment service through SMS ?

Yes, you can type your new mobile operator while sending SMS to 9222208888 for Postpaid Bill Payment.

Can I use another account instead of primary account for Postpaid Bill Payment transactions through SMS service ?

Yes, you can provide last 6 digits of your non-primary account number from which you want your funds to get debited.

What is the minimum and maximum amount for Postpaid Bill Payment through SMS ?

Minimum amount for Postpaid Bill Payment through SMS varies from Operator to Operator. The maximum amount you can pay for any Operator is Rs.1500. Below are the details.


Operator NameMin. Amount (Rs.)
Airtel Mobile 10
Airtel Landline 100
Tata Docomo 100
Virgin Gsm 100
Virgin CDMA 100
Vodafone 10
Idea 10
Loop 10
Reliance GSM 10
Reliance CDMA 10

How many Postpaid Bill Payment transaction can be done through SMS service ?

There is no limit on number of Postpaid Bill Payment transaction through SMS service but it should not exceed Limit of INR 1500 per day per user.

Will I be charged if I use Postpaid Bill Payment using SMS ?

ICICI Bank will charge 1% of the total amount of the Bill Payment. Also charges may be applied by the mobile operator for use of SMS.

How is this service different with Postpaid Bill Payment service available in iMobile or Internet ?

You do not need to download any application unlike iMobile channel and you do not require any Internet. 

What if I enter an invalid number while making the payment ?

Your account will be debited by entered value immediately. If you entered an invalid number, the amount will be credited back to your account within 72 hours.

What if I paid the bill for wrong mobile number ?

In case a payment to wrong postpaid mobile number is done due to wrong entry by you, the amount will not be credited back to your account. You have to be careful while entering the beneficiary mobile number for payment.

If I have any queries, where should I contact ?

Please contact us at our 24-hour Customer Care.