National Unified USSD Platform FAQs

What is the NUUP?

NUUP stands for National Unified USSD Platform. It is a mobile banking service provided by NPCI (National Payment Cooperation of India ) which works on USSD technology. Customers can access the mobile banking menu of ICICI Bank just by dialling the short code *99*44# from their mobile phone and initiate a transaction following the steps prompted on their screen.

Does the customer need to have GPRS or Data card for using NUUP?

Customer does not need to have a GPRS or any such data connection on their mobiles. They can use the service from any GSM mobile connection which has a calling feature.

What is the limit of fund transfer per day through NUUP?

The maximum limit of fund transfer per customer on NUUP is Rs.5000 per day.

How many transactions are allowed per session?

Only one transaction is allowed per session.

How many Banks and telcoms are connected through NUUP network?

The list of banks and telcoms with NUUP is provided in the link given below:

What are the charges for using NUUP transactions?

There are no charges on NUUP transactions. However, IMPS fund transfer charges would be applicable as mentioned on our website.

What is the short code for NUUP?

Customer needs to dial short code *99*44# on their mobile.

Can I use this service if my mobile number is not registered with the Bank ?

No. You need to register your mobile number against your account with ICICI Bank. To register, please visit your nearest ICICI Bank Branch or ATM.

I am getting the error “Invalid Command” or “Try again”?

It may happen due to below issues:

  1. Please check if your mobile operator is providing this service. You can get the list of the operators on NUUP by visiting
  2. If your mobile operator is in the list on NPCI website, the error may be due to a network error in your area. You can try initiating the transaction after sometime. In case the issue persists, please check with your mobile operator.

Which transactions can be done through NUUP?

Currently only below IMPS transactions can be done through NUUP:

  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Mini statement
  3. IMPS Fund Transfer to a Mobile Number –Using Mobile Number and MMID (Mobile Money Identifier)
  4. IMPS Fund Transfer to Account –Using Account Number and IFSCode

Will it work on only Java enabled mobile phones or will it require some software to be downloaded to use the service?

NUUP does not require any JAVA or software to be downloaded on the mobile. It can work on the basic GSM mobile.

Does it work on CDMA mobile?

NUUP is supported only on GSM mobiles.

If I have any queries, where should I contact?

Please contact us at our 24-hour Customer Care.