Insta Banking FAQs

How do I download this application?

Application can be downloaded from respective app store/ playstore with the key word as Insta Banking. This application is compatible for I-Phones, Windows Phones & Android Phones.

If a customer visits teller counter directly & quotes account number, what needs to be done?

Teller needs to access the Insta Banking Link through I view & check pending financial transactions. Print the slip for deposit/ note the token number for withdrawal. Post completion of formalities, process the transaction through ICITPU menu option in I Core.

Can I modify amount for financial transactions in case of any dispute on fake note? Or customer data entry error?

Yes, amount can be modified through ICITPU menu option before submitting/ posting the transaction.

What do I need to do if there is a name mismatch?

Correct the name if the account number is correct. Obtain authentication from customer on the physical pay in slip and continue with the transaction.

What do I need to do if the account number is incorrect and customer wants to change?

Account number can not be modified. Transaction will need to be re-entered.

Posted financial transactions, Can I see it through FTI?

Yes once the transactions are posted from ICITPU menu option these transactions can be seen in FTI.

Will my SOLHO be impacted if a customer does not visit the branch after completing a transaction?

No. Untill the transaction is not entered through ICITPU, the same rests in Insta Banking server & does not impact I Core. Only Entered/ Posted transactions will impact SOLHO.

Does teller need to print the pay-in-slip?

Yes. Printer should be connected with the teller counter. Without diverting the customer, pre-printed slip should be printed at the teller counter only.

Is the name on the slips generated for financial transaction is as per account number?

No. For financial transactions, name on the slip shall appear as entered by the customer on the mobile application. Please do tally name & account number before proceeding with the transaction.

Is this application part of I-mobile?

No, this is a separate application to be downloaded and is not part of I-mobile

How many transactions can a customer conduct through a mobile application?

There are no restrictions on the number of transactions.

Can a customer cancel or modify a transaction from mobile application?

No. A customer can not cancel or modify a transaction from the mobile application.

In ICITPU option, I am facing challenges what should I do?

Log an I Core issue in I helpdesk to report any issue/error
SR Type : IT APPLICATION CALLS_I-CORE INDIA_Report an Issue-I-Core India.

How do i rotate the pay-in-slip generated from I-view?

Right click on the PDF. Click on Rotate Clockwise menu 3 times to view the Pay in slip

For address change/ PAN updation which are OTC transactions, do we update I-Core?

No. Once the transaction is processed through I-View link, SR is generated. Hence transaction should not be processed by branch in I-Core.

Do I need to collect address proof for address change?

For accounts less than 6 months address proof is required to be collected.

Do I need to verify PAN card in original for PAN updations?

Yes. Process remains the same for execution of financial/non financial transactions whether carried out through mobile application/ otherwise.

Is there any SMS sent to customer post completion of data entry on mobile application?

No, SMS is not sent to the customer. Post completion of transaction, if customer is registered for mobile banking alerts from I Core/FCRM shall be received.

On which desk should the funds transfer transaction be completed?

Funds Transfer transaction should be completed at the May I help you Desk. Printing the slip, conducting due verification & posting the transaction should be completed across the counter.


In case a customer has multiple financial transactions. For example 1 Funds Transfer & 2 Cash transactions & customer reaches May I help you Desk, then May I help you desk official can print all the relevant slips & hand over to the customer.

If the Insta Banking link through I-View is not functional, what should I do?

Log a call on I-View issues through I-helpdesk to report an error SR Type: IT APPLICATION CALLS_I-View_Report an Issue-I-View In Creation field - Application Category, branch needs to select drop down “Insta banking – Customer as maker”.

I am unable to raise SR through the insta banking link on I-View ?

Through this link, you can raise SR for transactions logged through mobile application only. Check if your login id is mapped to FCRM. If it is not, please raise a LAM for FCRM Login. In case you are still facing an issue, please log a call under I View issues & report an error.

I am unable to go back to home screen after printing the slip, what should I do?

Scroll down at the right hand corner of the screen you will find a home icon. Click on home icon.

I am unable to print request forms for non-financial requests?

Retrieve the transaction by entering the account number. Post those select the transaction & then view the transaction. If you do not select the transaction and directly click on view it shall not allow you to view the transaction.

Is the name on the request form generated for non-financial transaction is as per account number?

For non-financial transactions, name & other details shall appear on the form as per account number entered. Please do tally name, account number & signature before proceeding with the transaction.

If I am facing issues on Insta Banking, what should I do?

Please raise following SR:
SR Type: IT APPLICATION CALLS_I-View_Report an Issue-I-View
In Creation field - Application Category, branch needs to select drop down “Insta banking – Customer as maker”

For SRs raised through Insta Banking, can the details be viewed through FCRM?

Yes, details can be viewed in FCRM through SR number or account number

I missed to note down the SR number, what should I do?

You can log on to FCRM and search SR through the account number

I am unable to view the transaction on the Insta Banking link, what should I do?

Once the SR is raised for Non-financial transactions, the same cannot be viewed through the Insta Banking link. Use SR number or account number & check in FCRM.