Internet Banking FAQs

I have forgotten/ not received my User ID and Password, how can I obtain them?

If you have forgotten your Internet Banking User ID or have not yet received it, please call our Customer Care Centre to get the same.

All you will need to do is authenticate yourself and ask for your User Id. You can also request for a new password if you have forgotten the same.

The password would be couriered to you on your address available with the bank.

Your passwords cannot be given on telephone for security reasons.

I do not have an Internet Banking User ID, how can I obtain one?

Normally all ICICI Bank customers have an Internet Banking account. The User ID of the same may not have reached you. You can check with our Customer Care Centre if your account is generated.

If your account has not been generated you can obtain an Internet Banking User ID in any of the following ways:

  1. Online registration for ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID
  2. Downloading and filling a registration form for ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID

1. Online registration for ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Visit Click on `New users register here'. Then click on the option 'Apply Online'.

You will see Part A of the registration form. Fill it giving your preferred User ID, My Code and confirm My Code. You will then see the next part of the form. Please fill your personal details and your relationships with ICICI Bank.

On successfully filling up this form you will see a screen. The top of the screen will show you your User ID. This screen will also request you to download Part B of the form, fill it up and send it to us at the following address:

ICICI Bank Limited
Internet Banking Department
6th Floor, A-Wing, Autumn Estates,
Chandivali Farm Road, Chandivali,
Land Mark:Next to Chandivali Studio, Opp MHADA
Andheri-East, Mumbai-400072

Alternatively, you can fax us a scanned copy of this form on 022-24975295.

On receipt of Part B of the form we will process your request for online access of passwords.

Please note the passwords will appear as mentioned below, only if Part B has been filled completely and correctly with your signature.

You can then access your passwords online by clicking on Anywhere Banking on the welcome page of and then on Internet Banking.

Once you do so, on the top of the page, you will see a tab `Check application status'.

On clicking the tab mentioned above, you will see a screen, which will prompt you to input your User ID and My Code (Temporary password) and click 'Submit' to view your passwords.

Step 2

Login with your password. The system will then prompt you to change the login and the transaction password to the one of your choice.

Following are some handy tips while setting passwords:

  1. Passwords are case sensitive (b is different from B)
  2. Login & transaction passwords can be the same
  3. Please be careful while entering your passwords as entering wrong passwords
    more than 4 times consecutively, will disable the User ID

After changing your password successfully, please login with the new password in future.


2. Downloading and filling a registration form for ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID

You can download the registration form from the website, fill it and drop it at any ICICI Bank branch/ATM drop box.

Care must be taken to fill the mandatory fields carefully otherwise the request will not be accepted.

Click here to download registration form.

How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking?

You have only ONE password for Internet Banking i.e. Login password. The login password, as the name suggests is required to login to your Internet Banking account.


Can I have only one User ID for all ICICI Bank relationships?

Yes, you can link all your ICICI Bank accounts and Credit Cards and Demat Accounts to one Internet Banking User ID. However there are certain rules in account where there is a joint holding.

What are the ICICI relationships that I can view/enable online?

Currently you can enable the following ICICI Bank relationships online:

  • Bank a/c (including Current A/c for individuals)
  • Credit card
  • Demat

If you have more than one bank account or other products, you can link all of them to one Internet Banking User ID.

If I am an individual and hold an ICICI Bank Current A/c as well as an ICICI Bank Savings Account/ Credit Card/ Demat Account, can I link these relationships to the same Internet Banking User ID?

Yes, if you are an individual and hold an ICICI Bank Current A/c in your own name, you can link the same to your ICICI Bank Savings Account/ Credit Card/ Demat Account under the same User ID.

Please click here for further details.

What do I need to view/enable my various ICICI Bank relationships on

To enable your ICICI Bank relationships online, you need to have an ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password.

How do I enable my ICICI Bank relationships on

If you have only one bank account, the User ID and password you get will enable you to view and transact on your bank account.

If more than one account needs to be linked to the same User ID, please click here " Link your accounts online " for a step-by-step guide on linking accounts.

I have got my Internet Banking User ID and Password; tell me what do I do?

You can login with your Internet Banking User ID and Password. When you login for the first time you will get a screen, which will prompt you to change both the Login and Transaction Passwords.

If you have been successful in changing your password, remember to login with the changed password.

You will now come to the login home age, which is also called the My A/c's page

It specifies your identity and informs you the last time you logged on to the site as well as the current date and time.

You also get to see the mails that you may have received from your Account Manager and other alerts as specified by you.

On this page there is an overview of all the relationships that you have linked your Internet Banking User ID with. It can be Bank Account(s), Credit Card and Demat Account(s).

The top navigational bar displays Bank, Credit Card, Demat, Loans and Bill Pay. You can click on any one to access and use the relevant services.

What are the transactions that I can do online?

Given below is a small list of transactions that you can do online:

  • Banking
    • Balance enquiry
    • Transaction history
    • Use ICICI Bank Funds Transfer eCheques) to:
    • Transfer funds between your own ICICI Bank A/cs
      • Transfer funds to any ICICI Bank a/c
      • Transfer funds to any non ICICI Bank a/c (in 15 cities)
      • Make Service requests like open a Fixed Deposit, duplicate pin etc.
  • Credit card
    • View current and past statement
    • Service requests like auto debit, dial a draft etc.
  • Demat
    • View your transaction and holding statement
  • Bill Payment
    Use your ICICI Bank Account or ICICI Credit Card to pay your bills from the comfort of your home.

What are the different Banking service requests that I can make online?

You can make the following requests online:

  • Apply for a Credit Card
  • Apply for a Debit Card
  • Order a new cheque book
  • Stop cheque request
  • Cheque status inquiry
  • Intimation for loss of ATM Card
  • Open Fixed Deposit
  • Open a Recurring Deposit
  • Apply for a Value Added Savings Account
  • Apply for Phone Banking

If I need any further Account related information, how do I get such details?

You can use `Write to A/c Manager' option, to get such information, or for any other information that you may require.

On receiving a reply or any mail from the A/c manager, there will be an alert on `My A/c's' page.

Are there any Banking Alerts that I can subscribe for?

Yes, you can subscribe for any one or all the following:

  • A/c getting debited
  • A/c getting credited
  • Cheque bounce
  • Salary credit

Click here for more information on ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Alerts.

What are different kinds of Fund Transfers that I can do on the site?

You can do the following kinds of Funds Transfer (eCheques):-

  • Transfer funds between your ICICI Bank accounts,
  • Transfer funds to a third party account in ICICI Bank
  • Transfer funds to an account in any Bank across 15 cities.

You can view pending transfers(if any) and also see all the past transactions that you have done using ICICI Bank Funds Transfer (eCheques).

What are the advantages of doing an online Funds Transfer (eCheques)?

Let us take a look at the comparison table for a better understanding.
(for Inter A/c transfer)


Payment systemSpeedCostEffortPortabilityAcceptanceSecurity
Cash Low High High Low High Low
Cheque Low High High High High Medium
Money order Low High High High High High
Telegraphic (or wire) transfer High High High High High High
ICICI Bank eCheque High Low Low High High High

I want to know more about

  • Funds Transfer (eCheques) between my own a/c's
    You can transfer funds to your own linked a/c's instantaneously or you can even schedule the transfer for a future date.
  • Funds Transfer (eCheques) to a third party a/c in ICICI Bank
    For doing a third party transfer in ICICI Bank, you will have to register the payee.
    On entering the payees complete A/c number you will get an online confirmation.Once the payee is registered you can transfer funds instantaneously.
  • Funds Transfer (eCheques) to an account in any Bank across 15 cities
    Using ICICI Bank Funds Transfer (eCheques) you can also transfer funds to any account in a bank other than ICICI Bank.
    This will again require the payee to be registered.This takes around 3 working days to get funds credited to the payee account.
    This facility is currently available for 15 cities:

    1. Ahmedabad

    9. Kanpur

    2. Banglore

    10. Kolkatta

    3. Bhubaneshwar

    11. Mumbai

    4. Chandigarh

    12. Nagpur

    5. Chennai

    13. New Delhi

    6. Guwahati

    14. Patna

    7. Hyderabad

    15. Trivandrum

    8. Jaipur


Tell me more about Credit Card statements that I will be able to see on the site?

You will be able to see the following details of your statements:

  • Current Statement

    This shows the transactions that are done on the card account after the Last Statement was generated. These transactions will be sent to you in your next credit card statement. Transactions done on replacement and add-on cards are segregated for better understanding. Thus, you need not wait for a statement to check your recent transactions.

  • Last Statement

    This is a replica of the most recent printed statement that has been sent to you. You can thus, make payments by looking at this statement.

  • Past Statement

    You can see your statements as old as 2 years.

Can I know the status on credit card payments?

Yes, there is an option called Payment status, which will help you with this requirement of yours.

It will give you the following details:-

  • Last payment received date
  • Last payment amount
  • Payment due date
  • Next statement date

What are the different Credit Card service requests that I can make online?

You can make the following service requests online:

  • Auto Debit
    This is an online facility for setting standing instructions for auto debit on your credit card.
  • Add-on-card
    You can submit an online request for a non-photo add-on-card.
  • Dial a draft
    You can request for demand draft online. This would be shipped to your current mailing address of the credit card within 4 working days of submission of request.
  • Duplicate PIN Request
    You can also request for a duplicate PIN. The PIN will be shipped to you within 7 days of submission of the request at your current mailing address of the chosen credit card within 7 working days of submission of the request.

What can I do with my Credit Card PIN?

The Credit Card PIN is required when you withdraw cash from an ATM.

Can I also know about Credit Card Alerts?

Yes, you can subscribe for the following alerts through ICICI

  • Payment due date reminder
  • Card approaching credit limit.

You can subscribe to receive these on any one or all of the options below:

  • SMS (please click here for more information ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Alerts)
  • Credit card Inbox.
  • E-mail.

What all can I do if my Demat relationship is linked?

You will be able to do the following:

  • View your Holding Statement.
  • View your Transaction Statement.
  • Check the status of requests placed, iz. Demat Request, Transfer Instruction & Pledge Request.
  • Check your personal details as in our record.
  • Check the ISIN of securities.
  • Check the settlement details like pay-in and pay-out dates of a settlement.
  • Check your ledger balance.
  • Request for a Transfer Instruction Booklet.
  • Details of Bills.
  • e-Instructions

What are the different Demat service requests can I make online?

You can make the following requests online:

  • Request for a Transfer Instruction Booklet.

What is ICICI Bank Bill Payment?

This is a facility to make online payment of your bills like Telephone, Electricity, Mobile, Insurance etc. We have a tie-up with more than 50 billers to help you pay your bills online.

You need to have any of the following:

  • ICICI Bank A/c
  • ICICI Bank Credit Card (Select Billers only)

Do I have to fill in a separate registration form for ICICI Bank Bill Payment?

No, you don't have to fill in any registration forms for this service. It is available to all the ICICI Bank account and ICICI Bank Credit Card holders.

You need to have ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password.

All you need to do is register online, the particular Biller, to whom you wish to make a payment.

What are the different biller categories?

There are 3 categories of billers based on how you can pay their bills:

Presentment type: For these billers the bills are presented on and you can see them online.

Once you register for a presentment type biller your details are sent to the biller and whenever your bill is generated (which would be the next billing cycle from your registration date), it is presented on and you can make the payment.

You cannot make payments to these billers immediately after registering for them; it takes at least 30 days for the registration process to get completed.

You will continue to receive bills in the physical form, from the Biller in the same manner as received by you currently.

Payment type: For these billers you can make the payments immediately after registering for them. The bills for these are not presented online and you have to enter payment amount while making the payment.

You will continue to receive bills in the physical form, from the Biller in the same manner as received by you currently.

Shopping Mall type: For these billers you will have to go to the Shops (Biller) web site for making the payments. These bills cannot be paid by first logging on

How do I register for a new Biller?

You can register for a new Biller in five simple steps

  1. Login to ICICI and click 'Bill Pay' on the Top menu
  2. On the Bill Pay page click the 'Register for a New Biller' option
  3. Select the Biller you wish to register for and click 'Add to List'
  4. You will see a screen, that asks you for certain details, fill in the details and click 'Add to List'
  5. A message is generated saying 'Addition to Personal Payee List Successful'. Once you give an OK to this message the Biller is added to your list.

Can I keep a track of the payments made by me?

Yes, all you need to do is login, go to the Billpay section and select "Show payments made" this will give you the payments that have been made - Biller wise, for the Billers whom you have registered.

Can I make a payment after the due date of the bill?

No, for Billers who are in Presentment mode payment cannot be made after the due date.

Can I make a part payment for a bill?

Part payment can be made only for Billers who are in Payment mode.

Can I Pay my bills on the due date?

For Billers who are in presentment mode, you can pay your bills even on the Due Date. For Billers who are in payment mode, you need to schedule your payment date at least two days prior to the due date.

How do I delete a Registered Biller?

Follow the following simple steps:

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the Bill Pay page
  • Click the link "List of registered Billers"
  • Select the biller and click on details. You can delete the biller by clicking on the delete button

For Billers who are in presentment mode you will not be able to delete the biller if your bills are in "Pending", "Waiting for acceptance" or "Rejected" Status.