Priority Pass FAQs

What is the 'Priority Pass’ facility?

Priority Pass is the world's largest independent airport lounge programme that gives access to more than 600 VIP airport lounges in more than 300 cities worldwide.

How do I apply for a Priority Pass Card?

The Priority Pass is offered on a complimentary basis on the following ICICI Bank Credit Cards against payment of the joining fee:

  • ICICI Bank Diamant Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards

The Priority Pass is dispatched within 2 weeks of your new ICICI Bank Credit Card.

What is the validity of the Priority Pass?

The Priority Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Before the card expires, you will receive a renewed Priority Pass.

Which lounges can I access with the Priority Pass?

The Priority Pass can be used in more than 600 lounges that are part of the Priority Pass programme across more than 100 countries worldwide. The updated list of lounges is available at under the ‘Lounge Search’ option.

I am a supplementary/add-on card member. Is this facility applicable to me?

Priority Pass is a privilege for primary card members. However, you are welcome to use the lounge facilities as a guest along with the primary card member. Please do note that lounge visits charges as per guest rates are applicable in this case.

What if I am traveling with a colleague who isn't a member of Priority Pass?

You can invite friends or guests to join in the lounges. Please remember, in such cases, the cost of the lounge visit for the guest accompanying you will be charged to your card as per the applicable guest visit charges. Most lounges will allow any number of guests but wherever there are limits, the details are specified in the Lounge Directory and on the lounge search.

Are there any charges for the Priority Pass?

Membership to the Standard Tier of the Priority Pass is issued on a complimentary basis as part of the welcome privileges of primary card members. This is otherwise priced at $99.

Except ICICI Bank Diamant Credit Card, for all other card members charges are applicable for every lounge visit on a per person per lounge basis, as follows:


Visa Cardholders
Country of Visits Charge Per Member Visit Charge Per Guest Visits
China Domestic* 16.50 27.00
India Domestic* 26.00 47.00
Taiwan 18.50 27.00
Hong Kong / Macau / China International 19.75 27.00
India International 33.00 47.00
Japan / Korea Domestic / Korea International 25.00 27.00
Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia 22.50 27.00
Rest of Asia / Rest of the World 25.00 27.00
MasterCard Cardholders
Country of Visits Charge Per Member Visit Charge Per Guest Visits
Taiwan 19 27
Hong Kong 20 27
China Domestic* 16.50 27
China International / Macau 20 27
India Domestic* 28.50 47
India International 40 47
Indonesia / Singapore / Malaysia / Phillipines 23 27
Korea Domestic 23 27
Korea International 25 27
Rest of the World 25 27

* Domestic refer to airport lounges within the airport’s domestic terminals.

This pricing is valid only for card members and may be changed by Priority Pass Ltd. from time to time.

These charges will reflect in your monthly billing statement along with the name of the lounge you visited. Please note that the billing date is not the same as the date of visit and is usually 30-60 days from the month following the lounge visit.

How will be the lounge visit charges be billed to me?

The total lounge visit amount in USD is converted into INR (exchange rate applicable on the date of levying the amount in the card member's account).


The lounge visit charge amount is calculated as follows:


Lounge visit charge in USD * rate of exchange applicable on the day of posting the debit = Lounge visit charge in Indian Rupees ($ 25 * 50 = Rs. 1250). The lounge visit charge varies depending on the part of the world in which the lounge is located.


The foreign currency conversion rate will be the rate applicable on the day the transaction is posted in the card member's account. This is usually 30-60 days from the month following the lounge visit.

How will the Lounge Visit charge appear in my monthly statement?

The transaction narration/description for every lounge visit will include details of the lounge name and the visit date.


For example, if you visited the Clipper Lounge at the Mumbai Domestic Airport on January 11, 2012, the narration will read as ‘Clipper Bar Lounge 11-Jan-12’.


The narration will appear separately for card member visits and guest visits.

If I lose my Priority Pass, who should I report it to?

In case of loss of your Priority Pass, please contact ICICI Bank at our toll-free number 1800-22-8181 or at our city-specific 24hr Customer Care numbers. We will issue a new Priority Pass absolutely free of cost.


Please note that in case the loss is not reported to us and any lounges are accessed with your Priority Pass, the lounge visits will continue to be charged to your credit card account. Hence we urge you to report any loss at the earliest.

Membership of Frequent Flyer programme facilitates access to airport lounges. So why do I need a Priority Pass?

As membership of Frequent Flyer programmes continues to grow, many airlines are becoming more restrictive with lounge access. And it is not always possible to fly with your preferred airline. With your Priority Pass, you can access over 600 lounges irrespective of the airline or class you are flying in.

Can I use the lounges irrespective of the airline I am flying with?

Yes. All lounges listed in the Priority Pass directory are open to you, irrespective of the airline you fly with.