Indian Rupee Travel Card FAQs

What is an ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card?

An ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card (“Card”) is a pre-paid Indian Rupee () Card that makes your trip to India more convenient. You can load the Card with Great British Pounds (GBP) and use it to withdraw cash in India in  from any ATMs and pay at any merchants accepting VISA Cards.

The Travel Card is available at ICICI Bank UK PLC’s 11 branches. The Card also comes with a number of attractive features such as offers and discounts on food, entertainment and travel.

In which currencies is the Card available?

The card is available only in INR (Indian Rupees).

What are the benefits of using the Card?

The Card saves you time spent encashing travellers cheques or changing your local currency. You can directly load onto it and use it anytime when in India. You will also receive foreign exchange rates on conversion of your local currency into  while loading and reloading your Card. As a Prepaid Card, it also helps you budget and plan your expenses.

Who is the issuer of the Card?

The ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card is offered by ICICI Bank Ltd., India and distributed by ICICI Bank UK PLC to the Cardholder in the United Kingdom (UK). ICICI Bank Ltd. is incorporated in India. ICICI Bank UK PLC is a 100% owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Ltd.

What is the role played by ICICI Bank UK PLC?

ICICI Bank has appointed its wholly owned UK subsidiary, ICICI Bank UK PLC as a distributor for the Card to customers in UK and to assist in facilitating customer’s documentation to initiate the relationship with ICICI Bank Ltd.

Is the Indian Rupee Travel Card covered by UK ’s Financial Service Compensation scheme?

ICICI Bank Limited is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Hence, the Card is not covered under the UK compensation regimes such as Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

How does the Card work?

Your Card can be loaded with  once your application is approved. Once loaded, you can use it for cash withdrawals, shopping at merchant outlets or for online transactions on Indian websites only.

Can the Card be used outside India?

No, it can be used only in India.

Why would I need to use the Secondary Card?

You may need to use the Secondary Card, if your Primary Card is lost, stolen or damaged. Contact our Customer Care to cancel the Primary Card and request activation of the Secondary Card.

What are the steps to load or reload the Card?

Please refer to ’How to load / reload’ under Features.

What is the minimum or maximum amount that I can load on my Card?

There is no minimum amount. The maximum balance allowed at any time is 50,000. You cannot load more than the Indian Rupee equivalent of USD 10,000 on the Card.

What are the charges for using the Card?

Please refer to the section 'Schedule of charges'

Whom do I call if I need assistance?

Please contact our Customer Care at 1800 22 4848 or +91 22 28307777 (from India) 080 81 31 41 51 (from UK) or e-mail us at

Can the Card be used over the internet?

Yes, the Card can be used only on Indian websites that are Verified by Visa (VBV).

If the merchant says that the Card is not working, what can I do?

    Firstly ensure that your Card is only used at merchant establishments that accept VISA Cards.

    Ask the merchant to ensure that he has swiped your Card on a Debit / Credit Card terminal.

    If the Card is still declined, go to the nearest ATM to check your available balance. There will be a charge for using your Card in a Non ICICI Bank ATM.

    If balance is available on your Card, you can withdraw the cash from the ATM and settle it with the merchant.

    Report the matter to our Customer Care.

What exchange rates are charged at the time of purchase?

The funds will be loaded at ICICI Bank UK’s prevailing rate of that day, when the funds are received from your nominated linked UK Current Account.

Can I transact in currencies other than using the Travel Card?

No, the Card allows transactions (cash withdrawals, at merchant outlets and online transactions) only in .

Can I buy more than one Card?

No, you can buy only one Card at a time.

Can I retain the foreign exchange (rupee) on the Card after leaving ?

You can withdraw money from an ATM or initiate the refund from one of the ICICI Bank Branches in India before leaving India. The Card will be automatically closed on the 170th day from the date of the first credit and ICICI Bank will credit any remaining balance to your nominated linked UK Current Account.

Will I receive any confirmation on load or reload of the Card?

On every successful/ unsuccessful load/ reload request, we will send you an e-mail confirmation. If you have signed up for text alerts, you will also receive a text alert on successful load/ reload above INR 5,000. Please refer to our 'Schedule of Charges'.

How can I check the amount of funds remaining on the Card?

You can check the balance on your Card by using the internet banking facility or at any ATM in India. Most ATMs in India have the facility to check the balance on a Card in .

What are the limits of withdrawing cash from ATMs?

The minimum that you can withdraw from any ATM in India is 100. The maximum that you can withdraw from any ATM in a day is 50,000.

What if I forget my ATM PIN?

Call our Customer Care and request a new one. The new PIN will be generated after verification using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You can regenerate a PIN online as well. For details, please refer to the section 'Online usage'.

What happens if both my Primary and Secondary Cards get lost/ stolen?

You will need to call our Customer Care and place a request for an additional set of Cards.  You will be charged a nominal fee of  150 plus applicable service tax for this additional set of Cards. Once you receive the additional set of Cards, you would need to contact our Customer Care to confirm receipt. Your Card will be activated on your first transaction in India at any bank ATM or merchant.

How fast can I get the additional set of Cards?

The additional set of Cards will be dispatched within four working days of placing the request at our Customer Care.

Will the ATM PINs of the new Cards continue to be the same as the ATM PINs of the earlier Cards?

No, you will receive a new set of ATM PINs along with the additional set of Cards. You will need to use the new Primary Card and PIN to transact at ATMs.

How can I terminate my Card when I am in India?

You can either withdraw the remaining balance from an ATM in  or visit an ICICI Bank Ltd. branch with your identity proof, or contact our Customer Care to place a request for closure of your Card and transfer the remaining balance to your nominated linked UK Current Account.

What exchange rate will apply when I terminate the Card?

The funds would be credited to your nominated linked UK Current Account at the prevailing rate on the day when you place a request for termination of your Card. These rates will be available at

How is my Card secured against unauthorised cash withdrawals from ATMs?

The Card comes with advanced security features. To withdraw cash from all bank ATMs you need an ATM PIN. You should remember your four-digit PIN and destroy the document. Do not write the four-digit PIN on your Card. The Card will be blocked after 3 unsuccessful PIN attempts.

How is my Card secured against unauthorised payments at merchant establishments?

Transactions at merchant establishments are protected by a signature. The merchant has to match the signature on the charge slip (produced by the electronic data capture machine at the time of purchase) with the signature panel on the reverse of the Card. You must sign on the signature panel immediately once you receive your Card.

What should I do to prevent unauthorised usage in case I lose the Card?

If your Card is lost or stolen you must report it immediately to our Customer Care. Your Primary Card will be terminated and you can activate your Secondary Card.

What security features are implemented to prevent unauthorised usage of additional Cards before it reaches me?

The additional set of Cards will be dispatched along with an ATM PIN for the Primary Card by courier. The Primary Card can be activated only when you call our Customer Care and confirm the receipt of the Card in proper condition. Without this verification, your Card would not be enabled for transactions.

Are Mail Order- Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions allowed?

No, Mail Order- Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions are not allowed.

What should I do if I want to terminate my Card?

In case you need your Card to be terminated, please approach the nearest ICICI Bank branch in the UK or in India, or send an e-mail to Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care (1800 22 4848 , +91 22 28307777 in India or 080 81 31 41 51 in the UK).

How to register and login into INR Travel Card Self-Care Portal?

You need to register yourself for accessing the new Prepaid Card Self Care Portal.


Steps to be followed:

  • Click on Register New User Screen (Link available on Top Right side of the Screen).
  • Enter your Prepaid Card Number, CVV and PIN and Click Submit.
  • System will prompt for filling below details:
    • Create your User Name
    • Create your new Password
    • Re-enter your new Password
    • Create your Transaction Password
    • Re-enter your Transaction Password
    • Choose security questions from the dropdowns and fill the answers
  • Post filling all the requested details, click Submit.
  • Message confirming successful registration and creation of User ID and Password will be displayed at “Top Left side of the Screen”.

Post successful registration, click on Login Page and enter your login details for signing in and viewing your card details.