Gift Card FAQs

What is the ICICI Bank Gift Card?

The ICICI Bank Gift Card is a magnetic-strip-based prepaid card operated in partnership with VISA, offering a unique mode of gifting.

How can I give a message or wish the person I am gifting the ICICI Bank Gift Card?

The Retail Gift card kit contains a special place to write your own personal message.

How does the Gift Card work?

The ICICI Bank Gift card is a convenient gifting solution. It will be activated with the loaded amount after the Bank realize the funds from your payment instrument (debit instruction or Cheque). Once active, the card lets the recipient to shop at over eight lac merchant outlets all across the country, or can do online purchase through it. Every time the Gift Card is used, the purchase amount is deducted automatically from the card balance. Once this amount is spent completely, the recipient can either dispose of the card or retain it as a memento!

Are there any transactions for which I cannot use this card?

The card cannot be used to withdraw cash. You can use it at any merchant outlet that accepts VISA cards or for online shopping. ICICI Bank reserves the right to charge you for any unauthorised use of your Gift Card.

How to use ICICI Bank Gift Card for online transactions?

For making online transactions, please follow the below steps:


  1. Click on the below link-
  2. Now register yourself as a new user
  3. Generate 3D Secure PIN using Card Number, Date of Birth and Valid from fields.
  4. Once 3D PIN is generated, you can start online purchases.

Can the value of the card be topped up?

The ICICI Bank Gift Card is a single load card and the value on the card cannot be re-loaded.

Are there any charges for using ICICI Bank Gift Card?

There is no charge levied on the usage of the card at any VISA enabled Merchant Outlets or at ICICI Bank ATM for checking your card balance. However, balance inquiry request made through any bank ATM other than ICICI Bank shall attract charges of Rs. 8+service tax per transaction. ICICI Bank do not hold the responsibility if merchant levies a surcharge on card transaction. Please refer Terms and Conditions for further details.

How do I know the balance on my Gift Card?

  • Balance enquiry through Customer Care: For balance enquiry through phone banking, you will have to call ICICI Bank 24-hour Customer Care and provide details like Name, Card No., Address, etc. and thereafter the Phone Banking Officer will tell you the amount available on the card.

  • Balance enquiry through Self-Care Portal:

  • Balance enquiry through ATM: For this you will have to generate an ATM PIN, which can be done either by self-care page, or through IVR.

    The process for generating PIN through IVR is as follows:
    • On calling Customer Care you will be asked about your language preference
    • Post selection of language, you need to choose 'option 2' for Prepaid Cards 
    • You will be asked to enter the 16-digit Card No. 
    • Next you need to enter your detail as instructed by IVR.  
    • IVR will prompt you to choose 'option 1' for ATM PIN generation. 
    • Post selection, your call will be routed to a Phone Banking Officer, where you will have to request the Phone Banking Officer to generate ATM PIN for your card. 
    • Phone Banking Officer will route the call to a menu, where Card no. will be read out in IVR.  
    • Post this, you will be asked to enter 3-digit CVV2 no. mentioned in the backside of your Card.  
    • Next, you will be asked to enter a 4-digit ATM PIN of your choice.  
    • You will be asked to reconfirm the new ATM PIN by re-entering it again. 
    • The ATM PIN is now reset.
  • Can I transfer funds from one Gift Card to any other card?

    No, you cannot transfer funds from one Gift Card to any other card.

    What does a Corporate Gift Card kit contain?

    • User Manual – which explains the product features and benefits. Also contains our customer service numbers and instructions on how to use the card. 
    • Welcome letter – In which the card is enclosed along with the Terms and Conditions.
    • Envelope - With the following instructions on the seal "Accept package only if the seal is intact. Do not hand the package over to anyone."

    What does a Retail Gift Card kit contain?

    The card will be placed in a designer kit, which also has a space to write a personal message to the person you are gifting the card.

    Till what time is my Gift Card valid?

    The Gift Card would be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of card generation (expiry date is mentioned on the card), or till such time when the amount loaded onto the card is exhausted, whichever is earlier. Please look at the expiry date on the card on purchase.

    How is the ICICI Bank Gift Card secured against unauthorized payments at merchant outlets?

    The user of the Gift Card is required to sign on the charge slip (produced by the Electronic Data Capture machine at the time of purchase) to complete a transaction at the merchant outlet. The merchant has to match this signature with the signature on the signature panel on the reverse of the card. Transactions at merchant outlets are thus protected by the user's signature. The user of the Gift Card must ensure that (s)he signs in the signature panel as soon as (s)he receives the card.

    In case of online transactions, the user will have to go through a 2 stage authentication, in first stage you will have to provide the card details and in second stage you will have to provide the 3D secure PIN.

    The 3D secure PIN can be generated online as in case of other Visa cards.

    What should I do to prevent unauthorized usage if I lose the card?

    Your ICICI Bank Gift Card comes with zero lost-card liability after its loss has been reported. Hence report loss of the card to our Customer Care as soon as you come to know about it. We will block the card and thus prevent any further usage. We will then provide you with a replacement card on request, fee will be levied for the replacement card (Fee: Rs. 199+ST).

    Why am I being asked for the details of the person whom I wish to gift the card?

    Internal processes like Card balance enquiry, etc. require verification to prevent misuse of the Gift card, hence we ask for the receiver details. Also, according to the RBI guidelines ICICI bank is required to keep records of the person who shall be using the card, this is for AML(Anti Money Laundering) purposes.

    What is the minimum & maximum amount that can be loaded on the Gift Card for gifting?

    The ICICI Bank Gift Card can be loaded with a minimum amount of Rs.500 to maximum amount of Rs.50,000 , per card.

    What is the Fee levied for the purchase of card?

    Transaction typeTransaction charges
    Card Joining Fee Rs.100+ Service tax
    Card Replacement Fee Rs.199+ Service tax
    Charge Slip Request/ Retrieval Fee Rs.200+ Service tax

    What is the validity of the card?

    The validity of the card is 1 year from the data of issue i.e. “Valid From” as printed on the card.

    What about the available balance on the card after the card has expired?

    You can place a request at our Customer Care for a replacement card. The new card will be issued and the available balance will be transferred to the new card within 11 working days, only if the available balance is more than Rs 199. Replacement charges of Rs 199 plus service tax will be levied on the new card.

    How to register and login into Prepaid Card Portal?

    Corporate Portal


    For logging in the New Prepaid Card Corporate Portal, please use your existing User ID.


    New Default Password: Last 8 characters of your User ID in reverse order.


    Please note:

    • User ID can be of maximum 17 characters.
    • Please add 0’s (Zeros) at the end of the password for any password forming less than 8 characters.
    • You can also use the "Forget Password" option available on Top-Right side of the screen. You need to enter the User ID and click "Submit". The new password will get triggered to your registered e-mail ID.

    Self Care Portal


    You need to register yourself for accessing the new Prepaid Card Self Care Portal.


    Steps to be followed:

    • Click on Register New User Screen (Link available on Top Right side of the Screen). 
    • Enter your Prepaid Card Number, CVV and Click Submit.
    • System will prompt for filling below details:
      • Create your User Name
      • Create your new Password
      • Re-enter your new Password
      • Create your Transaction Password
      • Re-enter your Transaction Password
      • Choose security questions from the dropdowns and fill the answers
    • Post filling all the requested details, click Submit.
    • Message confirming successful registration and creation of User ID and Password will be displayed at “Top Left side of the Screen”.

    Post successful registration, click on Login Page and enter your login details for signing in and viewing your card details.