iWish-Seek contributions FAQs

How can my friends or family deposit money into my goal?

To enable friends and family to contribute to your goals, you will need to make your goals public while sharing on Facebook. Friends and relatives can then click on your goal on Facebook from where they will be directed to your ICICI Bank iWish profile page. From here, they can use any bank's VISA Debit Card to contribute to your goal. You can view your profile page from “My Sharing Page” on the left hand side of the iWish page.

Do my friends or family need to have an account with ICICI Bank for contributing to my goal ?

No. It is not necessary for your friends or relatives to have account with ICICI Bank. However, they need to have a valid VISA Debit Card issued by any bank in India. The transfer to your account will be effected online through the Debit Card payment gateway. Please note a flat fee of Rs.15 + service tax is levied for each transaction done through this channel.

What are pending transfers?

In case you have received a contribution from friends/ family, they will be shown as pending transfers until they have been credited to your goal. Pending transfer also include initial goal deposit amount till the time your goal is created and activated. Further standing instructions are also displayed in pending transactions.

What happens if the transaction fails while contributing to my goal?

Like any other transaction, funds if any will be credited to their account within 4-7 working days.