iWish-Manage goals FAQs

How can I manage my goals?

You can see the list of all your goals by clicking on “Goals” on ICICI Bank iWish page. The “Goals” page displays a list of all your Open and Closed goals along with the progress. By clicking on an Open goal you can rename the goal, add funds to the goal, change the sharing settings and close the goal. You will also get SMS alerts when various milestones relating to a goal are achieved such as goal creation, funding of goal, goal closure and goal target progress.

Can I change my goal later?

You cannot change amount or the period of your goal. However, you can change the name, category and sharing settings.

Can I modify my standing instructions given for transfer of money into my goal account?

You can modify your standing instructions by clicking on the Manage button below the goal. If required, you can also create additional standing instructions. An option to cancel the standing instruction is also provided. If you want to cancel a particular transaction of the standing instruction, you can do so on the trigger date.

What is an Open/ a Closed goal?

Open goals are active goals where money can be deposited into the goal. These are shown with an open lock icon in iWish. Closed goals are where money cannot be deposited into the goal. These are shown with a closed lock icon in iWish.

How can I close my goal?

You have to place a request for closure of your goal account online from ICICI Bank iWish page.

Will my goal be automatically closed if it is achieved or the period of my goal has come to an end?

No. Your goal is not auto closed in either of the cases i.e. either if the goal is achieved or if the goal period has ended. In both the cases, you need to place an online request for goal closure.

What if I do not make a request for closure of the goal at the end of goal period?

Your goal deposit will continue to be in your ICICI Bank account and it will be treated as overdue account. You will earn Savings Account rate interest for the period starting from lapse of the goal period (i.e. maturity date) till the date a goal closure request is made.

What if a goal is not achieved by the end of a goal period?

You can still close the goal. ICICI Bank does not charge any penalty if a goal is not reached within the goal period.

Can I close the goal mid way even if it is not achieved?

Yes. You can close the goal mid way even if it is not achieved. In such a case, you will not earn the interest rate mentioned at the time of goal creation. You will earn interest at the rate corresponding to the period the goal remained with the Bank. Beside this, penalty of premature closure of account will be levied on the applicable rate. Click here for penal interest rates.

What if I achieve the goal early?

You can continue to keep the amount into your goal account till the end of the period for which goal was originally targeted to be achieved. You will continue to get a higher rate of interest for the rest of the period.

Can I partially withdraw money from my goal mid way? Will it impact my interest earning?

No. You cannot partially withdraw money from your goal mid way. You can withdraw money mid way by closing your goal. However in this case, you will earn interest at the rate corresponding to the period the goal remained with ICICI Bank. Besides this, an applicable penalty will be charged for premature closure of goal.

Can I transfer money from one goal to another goal account?

No. You cannot transfer money from one goal account to another goal account.

Can I transfer money to my goal account even if goal amount is achieved?

No. Once your goal amount is achieved, you will not be allowed to deposit money into your goal account.

Is there a minimum tenure to achieve the goal? Is the period of a goal linked to goal categories?

No. There is no such linkage between a goal category and the number of years during which the goal should be achieved. You can create a goal for the period as per your need.