Custom Gift Cards

Crafted with unending gratitude and love, for those smiles that are more than just a treasure. Here's a card that expresses a lot without having to say a word.

From unwrapping a sentiment to stoking a hidden passion.
From framing a beautiful moment to capturing a favourite fad.
From satiating whims to satisfying fancies

Presenting ICICI Bank Memento Gift Card, a perfect gifting solution that offers a delectable spread of features and benefits. From personal occasions to festivals to impulsive moments of showing your appreciation, ICICI Bank Memento Gift Card is that unfailing personalised reflection of your love and care.

If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you can send the Memento Gift Card through the iMobile app. A non ICICI Bank customer can too send the Memento Gift Card through our e-wallet, Pockets.

For more details, please call our 24X7 Customer Care.

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Memento Credit Card - Terms and Conditions:

  1. I agree to the levy of one time joining fees of Rs. 499/- (Plus Service Tax) and an annual fee of Rs. 499 (Plus Service Tax) from second year onwards, to my credit card on successful submission and approval of this request.
  2. I confirm that I am a valid licensee of all the Intellectual Property contained in the image.
  3. I agree to ICICI Bank Terms & Conditions & Image Guidelines.
I agree to the ICICI Bank Memento Credit Card Terms and Conditions.

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