At more than 50,000 Food & Beverages Merchants.

24x7 assistance

Dedicated Customer Care Centers to service calls.


Signature-based security for point-of-sale purchases.


The freedom to pay in any denomination of choice, unlike the paper voucher system.


The card can be reloaded according to the corporate's instruction.


Cardholders receive alerts via SMS as and when the card is reloaded.

Advantages over Paper-based Meal Vouchers

The ICICI Bank Meal CardPaper based meal vouchers
One-time distribution and hassle-free reloads Physical distribution of vouchers every month
Access to more than 50,000 merchants Access limited to a few, select outlets
Easier to handle and use Bulky and difficult to handle
Zero lost-card liability If vouchers lost/damaged, funds cannot be recovered
Can buy food and beverages of any denomination Each leaf of the voucher has a select denomination