Benefits to the Corporate

Easy Procurement

The Meal Card is provided to all authorised employees of the corporate. The card is activated upon receipt of the card fee from the corporate.

Easy Loading and Reloading

The card can be loaded simply by providing the upload details and instruction to fund the cards by debiting the corporate's Current Account.

Easy Tracking

The user-friendly interface allows the corporate to track the load, spends and status of each and every Meal Card attached to the corporate.

Benefits to the Employees

Easy to use

The ICICI Bank Meal Card can be used like a debit card or a credit card at any merchant establishment that accepts Visa cards.

Wider acceptability

Unlike paper-based meal vouchers, the ICICI Bank Meal Card is accepted at more than 50,000 merchant establishments.

Zero lost-card liability

On reporting of loss of the card, the card is disabled for any transaction. At the card holder's request, the amount balance from the old card is transferred to the new card, without any charges.